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I used Ultimate Compound on my glass top stove and it worked

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  • I used Ultimate Compound on my glass top stove and it worked

    I have a GE stove that is just about to turn four years old, and my roommates and I work hard to keep it clean. Recently, one of my roomies spilled something while cooking that would not come off by normal means (Dawn, SoftScrub, Bar Keepers Friend powder, and Weiman Stove Polish would not touch it). I tried Bar Keeper's Friend Liquid (not the kind intended for stovetops) and with some very gently cleaning with a non abrasive sponge, it seemed to put some hazy scratches in, but the stain remained. You can see how it looked in the first photo.

    I figured I would try some Meguiar's Ultimate Compound to see if it would help. Unfortunately, neither Meguiar's nor GE were of any help when I contacted them, which is not a huge surprise. I used some Meguiar's Supreme Shine 4" Applicator Pads. After determining that it was not scratching anything, I went after it for maybe 10 minutes by hand. I was pleasantly surprised. It worked. You can see the results in photo 2. You can no longer see it when looking at it normally, whereas before it was easily visible. It also did not appear to abrade any of the lines delineating the burner, which made me happy.

    All is not perfect, however. With a flashlight (check out image 3), you can still make out the outlines of the stain. I may get a 6" pad for my random orbit sander and go after it again to see if I can pass the flashlight test. Since the compound is not scratching anything, bringing some mechanical muscle into the picture might get me there. I don't have a DA polisher yet, although I will eventually get one to work on my car. If anyone has a pad recommendation (my sander is 6" not 5"), I am interested.

    Regardless, after a lot of searching online, I did not see anyone discussing this. I cannot say this would work on on all stoves, but it did for me.
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    Happy to hear that is helping for ya!
    Nick Winn
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