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Seat Leon FR

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  • Seat Leon FR

    Hello everybody.
    My weekend Detail.

    Seat Leon FR 2013, the color is Blanco Candy

    Vonroc DA Polisher 21 mm with 6" and 3" Backing Plate

    start with Rupes blue coars pad (after half the roof, pieces of pad began to come off from it and I replaced it with Meguiars DFC6)
    Meguiars DFC6 and DFC3
    Meguiars Ultimate Compound

    Meguiars DFP6
    Meguiars 3 in 1 Wax

    Last Step Product:
    Meguiars 3 in 1 Wax

    Morning began with washing and cleaning.
    KochChemie Felgenblits Saurefrei - iron remover pH neutral
    Teerwasche - tar remover
    Green Star - alkaline universal cleaner (pre wash)
    Meguiars Shampoo Plus D 111
    Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit

    This winter I did not move much, so the body is clean enought after autumn processing.
    Wiped the car with a super drying towel Meguiars X190400 Supreme Shine Drying Towel and drove in to the garage.
    Removed dust with Quik Detailer and degreased with IPA.

    I thought of going only 3 in 1 Wax but the result was not impressive. (did a test pass on DFP6)

    I applied a few drops Ultimate Compound and made 4-5 pasess.

    But the result was not very good.

    At the corners and bends, everything was even worse and I installed 3" backing plate with DFC3.

    Small surfaces and bends, bumpers made with DFC3.
    I think that because of the large stroke of the machine, the edges and bends cannot work out normally, since the pad is not adjacent to the surface.
    Second thought - I need a microfiber pad for better cutting.
    I spend a lot of time on correction and therefore could not take normal photos, because it was already dark.
    Working with this clear coat was much difficult than on Skoda and I spent a lot more time and effort on it without getting the result I wanted.
    I used two pads of 6 and 3" for the whole car, brushing them after 2-3 passes.

    Photo after washing.

    The second and third step I did with Meguiars 3 in 1 Wax making 3-4 passes.

    Photo in the morning.

    After the next wash I plan to apply Meguiars Fast Finish and take a photo with defects after polishing.

    P.S. I did'nt make a video, because I was myself and was passionate about the process.

    Nick, really looking forward to your comments on the work.

    Thanks in advance for comments and replies.

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    Re: Seat Leon FR

    Great job on the car & the thread. Regarding microfiber cutting pads like our D/A Microfiber Cutting Disc, I would agree, these are often needed for maximum cut with a D/A Polisher Machine, especially if you are dealing with harder top coat clear, more heavy to severe defects, and you are going for best results. When and if you do decide to get a microfiber cutting disc, you might consider getting a more aggressive compound to accompany it. Our D300 D/A Microfiber Correction Compound is usually our first recommendation of compound to use when just getting into microfiber cutting pads, since it was designed specifically for this pad, however, our M110 Ultra Pro Speed Compound is another option which was designed for use with many different pads including microfiber, and will offer more cut than D300 & better finishing ability.
    Nick Winn
    Product & Training Specialist | Meguiar's Online Forum Administrator
    Meguiar's Inc.
    Irvine, CA


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      Re: Seat Leon FR

      Nick, thanks so much for the answer.
      So I will order Meguiars DMCKIT5.
      We have a lot of cars VW Group with hard clear coat and accordingly my work will be faster and easier with DMCKIT.

      How often do you recommend making paint correction?
      I understand that we are reducing the protective layer, but maybe you have some recommendations like 5 Steps to perfect paint care.
      In our conditions it is difficult to keep the car in excellent condition, a lot of dust and sand.


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