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My weekend Detailing Skoda Octavia 2010

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  • My weekend Detailing Skoda Octavia 2010

    Hello everybody.

    This is my second experiense using DA.

    The ferst time I did not achieve the desired results. I was all in the compaund, everything was dusty, I overheated and destroyed two pads (one DFC6, second no name came with DA). I worked at 5 speed but scratches did not go away. Use Ultimate Compaund and 3 in 1 Wax.

    Now I make 3 step polishing.
    I worked at 4 speed, priming the pad only a few drops and cleaned with brush after several passes. The dust was much smaller and finally the scruches disappeared.
    Result photos below.

    Skoda Octavia 2010, 275 000 km, the color is Magic Black Metallic

    Vonroc DA Polisher 21 mm with 6" Backing Plate and 3" Lake Country Backing Plate

    Rupes Blue Foam Coarse pad 180/150 mm
    Meguiars 3" Foam Polishing pad
    Meguiars Ultimate Compaund

    Meguiars DFP6
    Meguiars Ultimate Polish

    Last Step Product:
    Meguiars GoldClass Carnauba Plus Premium Paste Wax



    I would be grateful for the advice and comments.

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    Re: My weekend Detailing Skoda Octavia 2010

    Great to hear you are feeling more confident in your ability using a D/A machine. A couple gut recommendations I saw I could mention from your description is 1, you may consider frequently cleaning your pad with a air compressor blow gun compared to a brush. A blow gun (we use OSCA approved) will remove much more spent residue stuck in your pad than a brush will. 2) do not be afraid to use a more aggressive compound or pad if needed. Modern Clear Coat Paint Systems in many cases are very resilient & require a more "aggressive" approach, especially if the defects are heavy/severe and your goal is to get best results. Some examples would be Meguiar's D/A Microfiber Cutting Disc & D300 D/A Microfiber Correction Compound.

    Hope this helps & feel free to keep us updated. You are also welcome to video tape yourself using the machine & post it here, and we can critique your technique if you would like.
    Nick Winn
    Product & Training Specialist | Meguiar's Online Forum Administrator
    Meguiar's Inc.
    Irvine, CA


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      Re: My weekend Detailing Skoda Octavia 2010

      Thanks Nick for your answer.

      Yesterday I answered your message, but I do not see it, so I will repeat it.

      Thanks for the advice and suggestion, I will definitely use them. In the near future I plan to polish my car (white Seat) or black Toyota or both :-)
      I will definitely post the whole process on the forum and try to make a video.
      Regarding your comments, I dont have a compressor yet, can i compensate for its absence with a large number of pads? (I ordered several DFC6 and DFP6). Use a new pad after each element or several.
      I've been looking at the DMCKIT5 for a long time, I think it will be faster and more convenient. I think it's worth buying.

      Thanks again for the help and advice.

      You are the BEST!


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        Re: My weekend Detailing Skoda Octavia 2010

        Great start. nice work!

        I like Nick's advice. I've been a huge fan of
        Meguiar's D/A Microfiber Cutting Disc & D300 D/A Microfiber Correction Compound
        Since it very first came out!

        Follow behind that with a soft foam pad and a finishing polish and it can create excellent results.
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