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2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

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  • 2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

    This Edge belongs to the same customer as the Cadillac CTS I worked on last week. The owner bought this one about a month ago and it was in great shape obviously being that it is new. It just needed to be refreshed but upon closer inspection I noticed a whole lotta of "Wax in the Crax". On with the pics.

    Passenger side door mirror

    Well let's just say there was alot more.
    This is up on the roof area. In order to remove this wax residue I had to use some M205 with a Meguiars applicator pad. That still took some elbow grease to take off but it worked.

    After (This was a test spot I worked on as I had to continue from the top front to the rear of the vehicle)

    All done

    Here is the vehicle before




    With NXT 2.0

    Previous wax residue removed

    I like how the wheel shines onto the cement. What appears to be more wax in the crax in the door seam is a plastic panel inside near the door hinge and above that is just a sun burst.

    - Washed with Gold Class
    - Tires cleaned with APC and dressed with ASD along with the wheel wells.
    - The wax residue removed with a Meguiars brush and some Last Touch.
    APC on certain areas.
    - Clayed (Paint had mild bonded contaminants)
    - Applied NXT 2.0
    Interior was wiped down with Quick Interior Detailer and vaccumed.
    Time: 5 hours 10 minutes

    Even though the Edge didn't look bad by claying and adding wax really refreshed the paints look and feel. I did spend quite some time cleaning up the wax residue. When ever I thought I had taken care of it I would notice more. The customer was quite happy and did mention that it looks better than when he bought it. So my job was done here.

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    Re: 2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

    Excellent work Jesse

    I think you have become addicted to NXT 2.0, and I can definitly see why since the end result you achieved is simply amazing!!!
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      Re: 2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

      Great job!

      Tell the owner he needs to get rid of all that dealer ****.
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        Re: 2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

        Mama -mia

        i like this pic , perfect for my screen saver

        u really transformed the car new
        car dealer always give a quick coat of wax to cover paint imperfection upon delivery...closer look....makes u urghhhh

        keep it up
        it only takes a little patience and plenty of PASSION!!

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          Re: 2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

          Jesse, great work on the Edge. It looks fantastic. Keep up the great work.
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            Re: 2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

            Looks great Jesse!

            This shot is gorgeous.

            Learning new things everyday


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              Re: 2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

              Very nice. Looks great
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                Re: 2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

                CACHOOOOW!!! Nice work!


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                  Re: 2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

                  now that's how a properly detailed vehicle should look! nice work!


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                    Re: 2010 Ford Edge DETAILED

                    Jesse, what program do you use for the frame and logo?

                    great job BTW jeje
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