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Advanced Search For Dummies.....

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  • Advanced Search For Dummies.....


    Here is a tutorial of the Advanced Search Function here at MOL.....

    I'm going to put screen captures up then explain them a little bit then do an actual search and let's see what shows up in a search

    First on your orangy, yellow menu bar as some may call it. There's really quite a few options on this bar that you can do, but we are going to do a search.

    Click Search, then click Advanced Search:

    This is what the screen will look like:

    The first section (or box I call it) is the keyword your searching for. There are two options, Search Entire Posts/Search Titles Only. Titles only is handy to narrow stuff down, which is why it's important to label your subject more than "Help" or similar..... Name it:.....ScratchX assistance needed or something like that. I tend to look at a lot of subject titles when crusing MOL.

    Another option to throw on there is the name of who you want to search for. This handy feature is soooo cool, if your not sure if it's BlueZero or Blue Zero, the search engine will throw out a list for you.....In this case, I put the name of Mike Phillips in there to show you how the list popped up. I didn't even finish typing his name and it showed me the options for Mike Phill....Click the name you want from the list if you have a long list .

    More options: (why it's called Advanced!). "There is that one post you saw the other day about......." The drop down bars are pretty self explanatory, pick replies, dates, sort them and either show as threads or post's. Threads is what you see when doing normal cruising on the forums, post's are individual posts pertaining to a thread....make sense!

    Now, you can limit your search to a certain sub forum on the forum, click once to highlight the area in Grey. The black highlighted areas are the forum titles just like on the Forums page. You can also put a tag in there too. You can highlight more than one in a row by using the "Shift" key and clicking. I tried to click on forums not in a row and it jumped around, but say you wanted to search in "Detailing: Everything from A-Z" you can! Shift and highlight all of the sub forums in that catagory!

    Clear as mud so far? Okay, say I want to search for ScratchX, in all forums, with Mike Phillips responding as I want information pertaining to ScratchX and I know that Mike knows his stuff (I know, quit groveling). Lets see what happens. Notice again how I started to type Mike's name in the search engine? I also didn't put any time frames either and pretty much left everything else alone with exception to choosing "All Open Forums" which is highlighted as you see (sorry it's small but I wanted to show the whole frame). Oh yeah, I wanted to narrow things down a bit and selected Titles only in the first box.....

    Let's see what happened. Ta Da! Took .11 seconds to compile all open forums, with no date limit, with Mike Phillips as a poster! With ScratchX in the Title only! 104 results to boot!

    Hope that makes your searching easier! I use the "Search This Forum" a lot as well as Adv. Search when looking for stuff. I also like to search certain people in show offs to see what they used on what cars etc.

    Name your subject line that pertains to what your doing/asking/showing to make it easier if your searching by title only.

    I'm guilty of it, but check your spelling too! I use "Preview Post" a lot before I pull the trigger and post my thread. Sometimes even then, I find mistakes.....The edit is only for a few so double check your work then hit submit thread!

    Happy searching!

    Philippians 2:14 - Do all things without grumbling or questioning,
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