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The words Clean and Cleaning as defined by Meguiar's terminology

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  • The words Clean and Cleaning as defined by Meguiar's terminology

    The words Clean and Cleaning as defined by Meguiar's terminology

    Words: Clean, Cleaning, Cleaners
    Products: Compounds, Paint Cleaners, Cleaner/Polishes and Cleaner/Waxes

    In Meguiar's terminology,

    Cleaning means removing defects like swirls, scratches, etchings, stains and oxidation, it doesn't mean to wash the car.

    Since 1901 Meguiar's has pioneered the use of diminishing abrasives to clean or remove defects out of paint coatings with the idea being to remove the defects without leaving behind defects at the same time.

    Over the course of automotive paint polishing history, most of the companies that offered some type of product to remove a defect offered products with names like rubbing compounds or polishing compounds. Some were for machine application and some were for hand application but in simple terms were talking about, rocks in a bottle,( or a can).

    While these products will remove defects, the problem is they will at the same time leave swirls and scratches behind in the paint. When clear coat paint technology came along in the 80's these other polish manufactures were forced to look for better ideas for removing defects because the clear layer of paint made it very easy to see the swirls and scratches left behind by other companies compounds and customers would not accept these kind of results.

    Meguiar's was already way ahead of the competition because they took a different approach to the polishing process since the time they first entered into this industry.

    Starting with Meguiar's first product a F01 Furniture Cleaner for cleaning lacquer, varnish and shellac finishes, Meguiar's used diminishing abrasives that cleaned or remove defects gently to enable people to clean the coatings on their furniture without scouring and scarring the finish.

    Meguiar's Mirror Bright Furniture Cleaner and Furniture Polish

    When Meguiar's transitioned from manufacturing furniture products to manufacture automotive cleaners and polishes, they continued with this same practice of using diminishing abrasive and the same philosophy of creating products that remove swirls and scratches without leaving them behind in the process.

    Early Meguiar's Automotive Polishes

    We've come a long way since those days but we continue to create and offer products that will clean automotive finishes and when used correctly they won't leave behind more scratches than they remove. This is called the cleaning process, the removal of defects.

    * Cleaning means removing defects using some type of paint cleaner, this means removing paint.

    * Washing means removing loose surface dirt using car wash soap and water, washing doesn't remove paint.

    All throughout this forum you often see us recommend to our members that they clean their car's paint as a part of their detailing process, so just so everyone is clear, when we type a recommendation that tells the person that they need to clean the paint, we mean they need to use a product that will remove below surface defects, not washing the car.

    we talk about cleaning paint, we're not talking about washing the car.

    Hope this helps...
    Mike Phillips
    Office: 800-869-3011 x206
    "Find something you like and use it often"