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Rupes 15 or MT300?

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  • Rupes 15 or MT300?

    So i've just done my first car with a machine. I used a "cyclone polisher" kinda machine. Very popular in Sweden due the price $46 (1200-3500 RPM). Am aware of its a bit to weak to remove any heavy duty stuff, but if you put some time into it, you can greate magic. Machine has a warranty of 5 years


    I want something else, so i've been looking at The MT300 (in Sweden its namned MT310). What i cant find is the warranty thing? And its seems like there is some problem with the cord? Keep in mind that we have to pay so much more for Meguiars stuff here. A MT300 goes for $464! And thats only for the machine and backplate.

    So i've also been looking for a Rupes 15 that costs roughly $115 more


    With the Meguiars i get so much more. I get the outstanding source of information. I'll know what speeds to use (since i already use only Meguiars products). That i wont get with the Rupes. I have to search to get the information, validate and search some more.

    So am so confused what to do and go for. 464 dollar is quite some money. I just want to know what to do, i dont want to stand there later with a big hole in my wallet thinking "man i should have gone for something else". However they say you always should trust your first instinct, so when i sum it up the MT300 feels kinda right consider the hole package?

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    Re: Rupes 15 or MT300?

    I would get the MT300/310. You can use different size backing plates AND pads to accomplish more by covering different sized areas around the car, where as with the Rupes you aren't able to do that.


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      Re: Rupes 15 or MT300?

      The MT300 is a good polisher. The warranty is 1 year.

      Meguiar's supposedly fixed the power cord issue. The power cord failed twice on mine and was fixed both times under warranty.

      I ended up investing in the Rupes LHR15 MKII with the frustration of the MT300. It's night and day between the two polishers. My MT300 collects dust on the shelf.

      The Rupes is a smoother machine and corrects faster and more efficiently than the MT300.

      If your budget allows it, I would pick up the Rupes 15 and the Rupes Mini. Two great polishers.

      Plenty of people use the Rupes tools with various pads and Meguiar's polishes.
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        Re: Rupes 15 or MT300?

        Oh boy! Things got even harder to decide. I know about your issues Guz, you were bumps in the road that got me flat tire. However i also read the cord issue was fixed late 2015. Yet another "however". I honestly dont know how many MT310 that been sold in Sweden, it might be the unfixed batch. 1 year warranty isnt much tbh. In Sweden however we have somethinbg called "Consumer Purchases Act" that gives the consumer right over seller for 3 years. Only thing is i have to pay the return after the warranty.

        And there is the Rupes (to add some things in de ecvation: i do 1-2 cars once a year tops)

        This will be an ongoing battle in my head for some time i guess


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          Re: Rupes 15 or MT300?

          So i bought a MT310 (they are called that here in Sweden). Was some discount 18% so i only paied $400 for it


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