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Choose the optimal interior detailer

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  • Choose the optimal interior detailer

    i'm a bit confused with all the different products.
    Natural shine,
    Supreme shine,
    ultimate detailer black(or sthing like that),
    ultimate insane shine,
    ultimate protectant

    My goal is to detail my interior:dash,doorcards,etc. Well, I love the stock look, with deep contrasty colors, and hate the wet-look glossy shine surface.
    Thats why I bought the natural shine. But it looks the same after the detailing as before. I thought, there will be a small satin shine or deeper colors, or anything. But it looks exactly the same (2008 european Ford Focus ST)
    So what should i buy, for deep color, with a bit satin shine?
    (i saw chrisFix video using both natural and supreme, and the supreme is not that glossy i caohld live with that. But it really looked cool, cause of the awesome deep blacks it make)

    Thats why im hesitant. Maybe the ultimate protectant is the right choice with cool blacks and mid shine? Its confusing since that is advertised as an allroinder, for exterior as well... but a never product so maybe better? Im lost
    help, what should i buy?

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    There are different types of products for vehicle interior care: cleaners, protectants and cleaner/protectants (two in one).
    Quick Interior Detailer and Ultimate Interior Detailer are cleaners and protectants.
    Natural/Supreme Shine Protectant and Ultimate Ptotectant are just protectants.
    For deep interior cleaning and protection the two step process works the best: deep cleaning first and protection second.


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