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Ultimate liquid wax, do I need sealant?

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  • Ultimate liquid wax, do I need sealant?

    Hello all,

    This is my first post. I signed up a few years ago when I really started learning about cleaning my cars. Now it seems like there are lots of new products and some seem to have overlapping purposes. So I will just ask my question.

    I use Optimum no rinse and do a two bucket wash. After that, it seems like there are a few products people use. Wax, sealant, drying aid?

    So I have been reading and watching youtube. What do I really need? Let's say I wash my car with ONR. Can I just use Ultimate Liquid Wax after that? Let's say I use Ultimate Liquid Wax, would there be any reason or benefit to applying Ultimate Fast Finish or other sealant? In the past I have used Synthetic Sealant 2.0 and it looked great but that's another one where I have to avoid the trim. If there are newer products that work as well or better and I don't have to avoid the rubber bits, that would be great.

    I see all these products and I'm not sure what I actually need. I kind of want to avoid waxes because they are such a pain to get off the trim.

    Thanks very much for thoughts and advice!!

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    Re: Ultimate liquid wax, do I need sealant?

    Well, dont need anything... but with your other post on claying, you are looking to do a couple steps?

    If you want to stay with the Ult Wax, it would be nice to use something like Ult Polish, or 3-in-1 Wax before, to get a little more paint cleaning.

    Just wipe them off if they touch the plastic, not a big deal usually. You can also apply your trim product beforehand, and dont wipe off excess until done with waxing.

    If plastic is more of a concern, then the Hybrid Ceramic Prep, then Hybrid Ceramic Wax could be looked at. All good for plastic, and you will get some cleaning ability. Getting more cleaning and dirt off the paint will only help the looks and life of the wax.
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      Re: Ultimate liquid wax, do I need sealant?

      First off Ultimate Wax is a sealant. There would be no need for Ultimate Fast Finish or another sealant.

      So it comes down to what are you looking for? Ultimate Wax or any other type of sealant or wax would be the more durable form of protection. A drying aid is not a new concept it is essentially using a spray wax to aid in drying and leave protection behind. For example using ultimate wax during the drying process. Unlike M21, ultimate wax does not stain trim.

      So are you looking to add a durable base layer first? Are you looking for a maintenance product until it is time to apply a fresh layer of the base layer?
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