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How to clean wax applicator pad?

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  • How to clean wax applicator pad?

    How do i clean the wax applicator pads that come with meguiars' waxes?

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    Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

    The foam ones?

    You can wash it with Dawn dish soap and hot water. Sometimes I throw mine in the washing machine. If you have any APC or APC+ you can use that to clean them as well. If mine are bad I will let them soak overnight in a pail too.


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      Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

      Yeah the foam ones. Like the green/purple one that comes with NXT 2.0

      Thanks for the reply.


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        Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

        After I am done with it I spray it wirh dawn power dissolve put to the side as I finish what I am doin with the car. Then I clean it with warm water in the kitchen.


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          Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

          Washing machine works great just toss them in with your terry cloth detailing towels and no softener they come out great


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            Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

            I am another one who wases them in the wash machine along with the microfibers. Never had a problem so far.
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              Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

              i just use the high pressure gurney, but not close.... otherwise bye bye pads haha..


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                Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

                soak in warm/hot water for few hours then machine wash.
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                  Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

                  I have to admit I throw them out and buy new ones every so often, I buy maybe 10 each time.


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                    Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

                    I use Microfiber detergent along with Tide. The pad soaks in a pal for a few hours and I massage the pad to allow the cleaner to do its work better.
                    This works for microfiber towels as well.
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                      Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

                      washing machine with mf towels for me
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                        Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

                        Do a search and use the word


                        and you can find this thread,

                        Cleaning Foam Handpads
                        General Auto Detailing Discussion. Participate in existing discussion or start a new thread with your question.

                        And this suggestion...

                        Originally posted by Mike Phillips View Post
                        There's at least a dozen threads on this topic but I'm not sure what kind of search term you would use to locate any of them.

                        At work we just throw them in the wash machine and then the dryer and in most cases delegate them to tire dressing applicators because we keep a fresh supply of new ones in the garage for paint work.

                        You can wash them and use them over again but if you really want to get them clean then figure out a way to squish them under warm running water with some kind of soap and squish the residual product out of the foam before placing them in the washing machine.

                        The washing machine is good, but it doesn't have little hands that come out and squish the foam to get most of the residual chemicals out of the foam and that is the goal, get the pads clean, both inside and out.

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                          Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

                          This is a thread from another forum I frequent. The member who posted the advice is a professional detailer:

                          Here's my microfiber care process:

                          Towels get separeted by duty:

                          1)Towels that touch the paint

                          2)Towels for glass & Drying towels- Why do I separate my glass towels you may ask well, this is how I ensure a streak free finish. As a result of no cross contamination from towels with other job duties.

                          3)interior towels

                          4)Grime towels

                          I use Tide Free - no dyes, perfumes etc - I use half the amount the mfg suggests on the container. For towels that need it I also add some all purpose cleaner (same stuff I use for detailing) to the wash cycle... Maybe 1/2 cup.

                          I wash my towels in hot water with an extra rinse cycle. I add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the last rinse - this helps the fibers release residual detergent.

                          Every other wash I also do an extra full wash cycle (again in hot) with NO detergent.

                          I never machine dry, I always hang dry them....

                          Thought it sounded like good advice, hope it helps.


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                            Re: How to clean wax applicator pad?

                            I soak mine in hot water and Tide in my bucket if really bad. Otherwise I scrub them by hand with warm water and Tide.

                            You can put them in the washing machine as well.


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