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Will the Ultimate Quik Wax melt off in the hot, Texas summer heat?

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  • Will the Ultimate Quik Wax melt off in the hot, Texas summer heat?

    I asked on another forum (I've had a hard time getting on here but it looks like it's good now) about how long it might take Ultimate Quik Wax or other non-ceramic product to wash off. One of the comments said that it melted off within a few days and I need to switch to a ceramic spray on instead.

    This part is just a bit of back story...

    I recently bought a new car. I've considered the ceramic spray on but, at least for now, decided to go with Ultimate. I was planning to see how much I can get away with by just using a quick/easy spray. More so so that I can tell others how easy it may be to keep their car looking good.

    When I bought this, it came with a protection kit ($900 paint plain thing, yeah, I know) but it feels like it came with some kind of liquid wax. I was going to skip it but just for the sake of not being wasteful, I considered using this then switching to Ultimate Liquid Wax. I already bought that so I want to use that up first. But I want to make sure everything's off before I put the different product on. I don't want to do some stripping wash since I'm sure it'll just come off on its own. Maybe I'm wrong?

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    I believe Ultimate Quick Wax will last longer than that. I had Ultimate Liquid Wax as my base and maintained it washing with Ultimate Wash & Wax (yellow) and would use Quick Wax every now and then. It always beaded like crazy anytime I washed or it rained. The Quick Wax also gave it nice slickness. I never had any issues with it ever, it's a really good product.


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      Ok thanks.

      I need to get a base layer on. I thought I’d be good with the Quik Wax but I guess that’s not really what it’s for. I’ve been using it during the drying process. I’ll use a leaf blower to get most off, a Meguiar’s towel for the rest, then spray and wipe to clean it up.


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        Would always be best to establish a good base layer of one of our traditional liquid or paste waxes first, and then maintain from there.
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