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Black Honda Fit

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  • Black Honda Fit

    I am going to start off by saying this is probably the most challenging detail I have ever done because of the softness of the paint. The car had horrific swirls marks on it in every last place you could find. I started off by washing with Gold Class. Next I clayed using a mild blue clay bar. Now my next step was swirls removal. I had detailed this car before during the summer but never got around to removing all of the swirls because of a few problems. When I had used m80 with a G110 it removed the swirls beautifully however it left extreme micromarring and holograms in my test spot. I decided to try it with a finishing pad instead of a polishing pad, no luck. Used M09 and did an wiped it down with alcohol afterwards and there were swirls. I didn't know what to do at that point so I took it up to Meguiars Open garage. Mike Phillips Saw the same micromarring and sugg ested that I use color X to remove them. We tried it and it appeared to work with what sunlight had been left in the day. I hadn't had a chance to detail the car until now (6 months later)

    So I decided to go to work with m80 on a polishing pad to remove swirls. It worked great and I did two passes to remove all the swirls. That took forever by the way. Took the car into the sun after that and there were holograms everywhere. So I did as planned and went to work with color X. Unfortunately by the time I got done with that the sun wasn't high enough in the sky to have it refelct on the car. I just assumed that the holograms would be gone so I applied a coat of m21. Let the car sit overnight. Took it out into the sun today around noon to take a look and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! more
    holograms. I needed to go even less aggressive. This paint was like working with butter. I decided to hit the paint with M66 on a finishing pad at speed 2 with very light pressure. It worked thank God! So I followed that up with a coat of m21.

    Other random things I did. Cleaned the wheels and tires with Megs Wheel Brightener. Dressed the tires with Megs Hot Shine Spray and the wheel wells with Hyper Dressing. Did the exterior plastic with Megs Gold Class Trim Dressing. Vacuumed the inside, cleaned off the panels with APC+ and then wiped with M40. Used D line window cleaner as well. Unfortunately I didn't take any interior pictures since the exterior was my main focus.




    I once put swirls in my paint just to see what it looked like.

    I don't always detail cars, but when I do, I prefer Meguiar's.
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    Re: Black Honda Fit

    Now that's a great job, I know you have to be satisfied this time around!
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      Re: Black Honda Fit

      Wow! That thing was indeed in bad shape! Nice recovery!

      Micromarring from M80? You have to love Hondas!

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        Re: Black Honda Fit

        Looks Great!!
        The Paint Looks Wet and has Great Reflections!!
        Nice Work!!
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          Re: Black Honda Fit

          Great turnaround. The Honda looks great. Nice reflections. Great work.
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            Re: Black Honda Fit

            Nice work, the car really looks great!


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              Re: Black Honda Fit

              blimey must be soft of #80 wont work, great work it looks fantastic, you will need to be very careful with your washing technique to keep the swirls at bay. The Civic Type R's over here experience similar soft paint trouble


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                Re: Black Honda Fit

                Great save! That thing had some major swirls... and then poof they're gone.
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                  Re: Black Honda Fit

                  Great job, there's a lot of those Fit's around, your experience will help Trillions

                  Awesome looking Fit, I like those cars.

                  Good show
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                    Re: Black Honda Fit

                    WOW, are you sure that is the same car?? I'd say you resurrected this Honda!!


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                      Re: Black Honda Fit

                      Nice work and pictures. Is the Fit Nighthawk Black? I feel your pain.

                      I have a Ridgeline Nighthawk Black with some bad scratches and cracking paint. The restorration proces was multi-step requiring multiple products.

                      I compiled the following slide show of the recovery process.


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                        Re: Black Honda Fit

                        Great job with that Fit!
                        It sounds like you were lucky it is a small car.

                        I am a Honda owner, and just got a P/C.
                        This write up will really help!

                        Luck is probability taken personally!


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