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Hey everyone.. I'm new, kind of.

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  • Hey everyone.. I'm new, kind of.

    Hey everyone. I'm kind of new back to car detailing/self washing. The last time I really took care of a car was back in the early 2000s. It was a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 in black. I had some minor issues that happened with that car and honestly, I stopped worrying about the condition of the paint.

    My next few cars had similar issues with the last one needing pretty much an entire paint job the whole time I owned it.

    Now I purchased a 2023 Oxford White Bronco Sport and I want to keep the paint looking as nice as possible for as long as possible. I immediately went to Meguiar's since that's what I used back in the early 2000s. So far, the products have been a little overwhelming but I decided to go to with the Ultimate line of products with Gold Clash for the shampoo.

    If anyone has suggestions, I'm definitely open! And I'm sure I'll have questions.

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    The Ultimate line is great stuff! The wax is a real easy to use, with great results, wax (sealant). Pick up a bottle of Quick Wax for after washing, really takes it up nicely. And even consider the Ultimate Wash &, Wax to wash (it's the yellow stuff) it smells amazing and I think does leave a nice glow after washing.


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      Thanks. I'll probably get that next. I didn't see that you can use it in a foam canon, at least it didn't mention the directions on the bottle.

      Really, these last few weeks, it's been so hot that I've been taking it to the pressure washer manual car wash in town at about 10pm. I use my product but use their water and washing bays.


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        Hope you enjoy your Ford Bronco very nice Vehicle. White paint is a bit tricky. I own two white cars an Oxford White Ranger and White JEEP. White paint is hard to give it that pop that other cars with darker colors get much easier because of its nature. Of course, you can get into the habit of not putting much attention to white paint because it hides imperfections so good and you could end up procrastinating on its care. Your first step into keeping your white paint as shinny as possible is avoiding swirl marks at all cost since NOW lol. The Ultimate line is very good. I use the Ultimate paste wax to seal my white paint. If your paint is still in good condition not much scratch and with swirls from the dealer seal it now. Gold Class shampoo is great I have been using it since 2002. If you take care of your white paint it will last you for the life of the car. White paint reflects a lot of damaging UV from the sun and it is very probable that the clear will never go bad even if the car is outside. Stay away from Automatic car washes. If you need any tips on white paint I will be glad to help.


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          Because of health I let my families 3 cars fall apart. Thank God for 18” of rain in SoCal to keep some semi clean. I’m doing better now so…
          Here’s my suggestion and schedule to keep your vehicle perfect.
          Once a year upto 18 months: iron remover, clay, light polish/compound, paste wax, liquid wax, ceramic wax.
          Quarterly: iron remover, liquid and/or paste wax, ceramic wax.
          Of course all Meguiar’s products.
          The schedule is based on a White 2015 Tundra parked outdoors 24/7.
          I reckon a vehicle parked indoors could adjust this schedule, as I have with my Accord.
          The vehicles are brilliant. The washes are so simple, the dirt falls off with just a hosing.
          What is everyone else’s schedule?


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