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How-to Crop your Photos Before Uploading to your Gallery

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  • How-to Crop your Photos Before Uploading to your Gallery

    Lview Pro

    How to crop your photo's using LviewPro

    Lview Pro is a simple, easy to use graphic program that will do a lot of common graphics editing tasks. While it's capable of many things, what I really like it for is for simply cropping out the fluff, (unimportant stuff), without altering or changing the original photo in any way.

    To be fair, there is an updated version of Lview Pro here, Lview Pro Home Page

    I tried the newest version of LviewPro and found it to be complex with a steep learning curve, (at least for me). What I like better is an old version of it that came out for Windows 95 but so far has worked on all of my computers no matter what the operating system has been.

    You can download an older Shareware version here,
    Free Shareware version

    Here's a screen shot of the download location on the Shareware web page above.

    Just click on the link and a box will appear giving you a number of options. Choose Save and what I would do is already have a folder named Lview created in Program Files, on your C-drive and save it to this folder.

    Then, after it's finished downloading, simply double click on the lview.exe file in the Lview folder and your in business. You can then use this program to open a majority of the available picture file types most commonly used.

    Like I mentioned before, what I predominantly use LviewPro for is to crop out the fluff so I can use all of the space allowed by forum software to show what's really important. Check out the below example.

    In this picture, while the blue sky is pretty, and the green grass looks like a great place to have a picnic, (or park your Viper), it takes up valuable screen space that could be better utilized showing off the Viper. Large picture files also use up a lot of space on the server's hard drive, I think the hard drive space is better dedicated for pictures of cars than for pictures of fluff, (blue sky and green grass in this example).

    Here is a picture before cropping out the fluff,

    And here is a picture after cropping out the fluff,

    See the difference?

    Both pictures are the same width, but with the second picture, the focus is on the car, not the blue sky and the grass.

    To Crop-Out the fluff around the object in your photo, simply open your photo in Lview Pro, then use your mouse to draw a box around the area you want to keep, (You should see a red box around the area you have drawn with your mouse/pointer), then release your finger from the mouse button and go to the top of the Lview program and click on Edit, then click on Crop.

    Now, if your happy with the result, click on File and choose either Save, or Save as.

    If your not happy with the results, you can either close the program without saving your work, this will leave your photo as it was when you first opened it, or you can choose, Undo from the Edit menu, or you can choose, Reopen from the File menu, (without saving any changes).

    Here's what it will look like when you're cropping out a photo in Lview Pro.

    Next, we'll see how to resize photo's using Easy Thumbnails

    Mike Phillips
    Office: 800-869-3011 x206
    "Find something you like and use it often"

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    Can't get the links to work for Lview Pro Home Page or the Free Shareware Version.

    Are the links broken or "is there a loose nut behind my keyboard"

    Thanks for any feedback on croping photos.
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      Re: How-to Crop your Photos Before Uploading to your Gallery

      ***The link is fixed***

      This old Lview Pro Shareware software is real simple and easy to use. I've been using it since about 1994 or 1995 and have never found a better "small" software utility for taking screen shots without distortion and viewing images.

      I have other software like Photoshop Elements for cropping etc, but when it comes to looking through multiple images in a folder this is a very nice little piece of software.

      Get it while you can...

      Mike Phillips
      Office: 800-869-3011 x206
      "Find something you like and use it often"


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        Re: How-to Crop your Photos Before Uploading to your Gallery

        Mike, you should mention that Lview (the older version) is not compatible for Apple users.