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Meguiar's Ultimate Insane Shine Paint Glosser

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    I gave Ultimate Insane Shine Glossar a test run this afternoon.

    The '70 El Camino in the avatar was the subject, since it is going to a car show tomorrow.
    It has fairly good gloss already.

    I clean it with [B][URL="https://www.meguiarsdirect.com/meguiars-d115-detailer-rinse-free-express-wash-wax-1gallon.html"]Meguiar's
    The first image below shows the gloss after cleaning the truck's metallic blue hood with black stripes.
    There are yellow roses above the green recycle can.
    The thought was to compare clarity of those yellow roses in the paint.
    See first image.

    The next step was to apply the Ultimate Insane Shine to the cleaned paint.
    I mentally divided the hood into about 8 sections to work one at a time.
    The product was sprayed onto a new microfiber cloth.
    Be careful to turn away from the vehicle, or fine overspray will get on the truck in areas you might not expect.
    Once applied by wiping in different directions to spread the product, use another new microfiber cloth to dry the wet product.
    I soon found that the dry microfiber would drag with the wet product.
    After a couple passes, it would stop the very slight dragging and the streaking would be gone.
    See the second image, we can see that the blue metallic seems a little darker.
    The white rapheolipis flowers and the white lettering on the recycle barrel are close to the same whiteness as in the first image.
    So it is likely not from a camera shift.
    The hood's reflections of the yellow roses appear to slightly better clarity.

    As recommended, I wanted to put a protection product on top of the Ultimate Insane Shine product.
    For car shows, I prefer the Ultimate Fast Finish (UFF) on top.
    It tends to shed, rather than attract dust.
    As UFF is applied and wiped dry,, that expected slickness returned to the paint surface.
    In the third image we see that some of the metallic blue darkness has reduced.
    We still see a slightly higher clarity of the yellow roses over the first image.
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      We will see if others who know this truck make comments tomorrow.