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its 2020 so what lasts longest?

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  • its 2020 so what lasts longest?

    Hey guys and gals I've been using helmsman spar urethane and it looks great but it starts to fade come after summer here in phoenix,we can get a few years max sometimes but it depends on how much exposure the lens gets too the sun,Its time for something that lasts longer and want to try something different,I would prefer something that can be applied being wiped on as opposed to sprayed on.Anyone that has moved from helmsman spar to something better please let me know.

    has their been a comparison thread or anyone that has compared?whats your favorite that works better then spar?

    Also when you do your spar can you do multiple coats then just one?Maybe thats my issue is i need more coats?
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    Re: its 2020 so what lasts longest?

    I've been using Blue Magic Headlight Lens Sealer for years on my Mustang and F150 with flawless results. The F150 sits outside 24/7 and usually sun-facing and until about the past year the OE headlights have been prefect. More recently I haven't been keeping up on the frequent application so they are just beginning to show yellowing/fogging at the edges. I don't believe this stuff lasts very well, though. Definitely a reapply after every wash. But if you are willing to keep up on it the effectiveness is there... Not really sure whats in it but its a viscous clear liquid not dissimilar to silicone oil.

    Actually looking for something simpler and more effective (well, easier to use) for my new truck. Looking at the Megs Keep Clear but haven't explored this market in many years so gotta do some reading.
    2011 F150 5.0L 4x4


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      Re: its 2020 so what lasts longest?

      Thread revival!!

      I'll play. Most recently, over the last six months, I've switched from Meg's Headlight Coating because I was getting cars back (including my own) that have yellowed. Removal with a wool pad and #110 is fairly simple although the pad shows the ugly yellow, gummy, leftover coating. It's pretty stubborn to get that pad clean again too. So now I'm using the remains of ceramic coatings (22ple) I've used on cars. Easy to apply!


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