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PlastX exporation

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  • PlastX exporation

    I've had a bottle of PlastX for a few years, never left in the garage. It still looks and smells good to me but I'm just wondering if there is an expiration for it.

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    Re: PlastX exporation

    No one knows? Neither do but it looks good, smells (like PlastX) and feels like it's new. OK, I'll go ahead and use it.


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      Re: PlastX exporation

      Might want to give people a little more time to answer, but I think your conclusion is accurate. I have a bottle of PlastX that I have had for 6-7 years and it's still great. Not much left, but it still works just as well as ever, which is well. I just looked and don't see a date code but I know I haven't bought any for years. One bottle lasts for a while, even considering I use it on motorcycle windshields and headlights.
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        Re: PlastX exporation

        Our rule of thumb is this: shelf life for any of our products in lotion form - liquid waxes, compounds, polishes, etc - as opposed to, say, a paste wax or a very watery product like quick detailers and glass cleaners, is 3 - 5 years when stored properly. One solid freeze will generally kill this type of product, and prolonged exposure to high heat will do them in, too.

        But wait, there's more!!! Another rule of thumb is this: regardless of age, if that lotion consistency product retains it lotion like properties and has not permanently separated, and it still smells like you expect it to, then it's perfectly fine. I have some product in my garage that is easily 10 years old and it's still perfectly fine to use. Barry Meguiar has some product in his office that's probably 40 years old, and it's still usable.

        Some separation over time is to be expected, but a good shaking should bring everything back together. If you can't mix the product back together with a good, healthy shaking then it's done. If it pours out lumpy instead of smooth and creamy, then it's done. If it smells seriously bad, then it's done.

        From the sounds of it, the bottle of PlastX you have, skipper1, is perfectly fine.
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          Re: PlastX exporation

          Thanks Michael & Lydia, that was my feeling. It still looks like the day I purchased it.


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