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HCW ... LOVE it, but one question

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  • HCW ... LOVE it, but one question

    I've been using HCW a lot on my vehicles. It's a fantastic product, and I love that it's so easy to acquire.

    My question, has anyone tried putting it in a different spray bottle? My one complaint is the way it spays. It seems to come out in chunks or blobs. I'd like it to mist a bit better, but wasn't sure whether it was the bottle or just the way the HCW liquid reacted to being sprayed.

    Picture of post HCW water beading below for fun.

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    Re: HCW ... LOVE it, but one question

    Some of us are diluting it for easier use. I'm not sure if just switching bottles will make much difference. i used a different bottle but I also diluted it quite a bit to get it to spray better.


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      Re: HCW ... LOVE it, but one question

      What ratio are you diluting? I could do that while moving to a new spray bottle. I like that idea.


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        Re: HCW ... LOVE it, but one question

        I tried 1:7,good results. Will try 1:15 next lol.


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          HCW LOVE it but one question

          Ya, just heard that the Zaino is good polish, but expensive and a pain to apply all the coats. Also heard that the spray detailer is pretty good too.Anyone tried the turbowax tire gel? heard is good stuff


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            Re: HCW ... LOVE it, but one question

            Wow! 1 part HCW to 7 parts water? Need to try this.

            I wonder if Nick or the other Megs guys can advise?



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              Re: HCW ... LOVE it, but one question

              From my understanding, we tried to achieve the easiest application experience without sacrificing performance. Without a doubt, you will lower performance across all levels by diluting Hybrid Ceramic Wax. We would suggest using Hybrid Ceramic Wax at full strength, the way it is intended, for best results.

              If you are having trouble with application, we would suggest keeping the below in mind:

              • Less is more
              • Like some have mentioned, a "mist" is better than a large deposit of product in one area on the paint. To achieve more of a "mist" when spraying from the Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax bottle, remember to keep your arm moving when spraying. This should easily allow for more a mist spray pattern.
              • Although the product label states to apply to entire vehicle at once, you are more than welcome to apply in small sections, like one panel at a time, especially if you are experiencing an issue, with either the foundation layer or subsequent "wax as your rinse" applications.
              Nick Winn
              Product & Training Specialist | Meguiar's Online Forum Administrator
              Meguiar's Inc.
              Irvine, CA
              800-854-8073 ext 3845



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                Re: HCW ... LOVE it, but one question

                Thanks for that reply. I have to say, the bottle just kind of stinks to be honest. It sprays in chunks. Moving my arm doesn't make it 'mist'. Instead, it just spreads out the chunk of thick liquid that hits the surface. I've used 4 bottles now, and they've all been that way, so it wasn't a one-off bad bottle that I tried.

                I read somewhere that there will be better bottles in the future, but my understanding was the new bottles were better designed to not crack, but nothing was said of the sprayer (mister) component.


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                  Re: HCW ... LOVE it, but one question

                  The bottle and sprayer are not at fault with regard to the lack of atomization of the product. It is simply the viscosity of the product itself - it's fairly thick and it's just not going to come out of the bottle like a quick detailer or typical spray wax. But that really doesn't matter if you use it correctly.

                  The two videos below will tell you everything you need to know about proper use, and therefore maximum result, with the product. Oh, and since this is MOL and we know you guys will go further than the "average consumer" when taking care of your car, don't be afraid to do the foundation layer application and then immediately follow with the standard application. That is:
                  1. Wash the car and rinse it off
                  2. Spray just a couple trigger pulls of HCW per panel (doors, fenders, quarter panels), maybe 3 or 4 trigger pulls for larger panels like hoods and roofs
                  3. Dry with an appropriate microfiber drying towel
                    • at this point you may or may not notice a bit of streaking, especially on a black car - don't stress, don't even think about it, just carry with the next step

                  4. Re-wet the car and do the exact same spray on application as described above
                  5. Rinse very thoroughly with either a pressure washer or the flat fan setting on an adjustable nozzle. DO NOT just rinse lightly with the hose, it won't flush away all the carrier ingredients and you won't get as good a result.
                  6. Dry the car with an appropriate microfiber drying towel, or go ahead and blow dry the car now if that's your process

                  As mentioned above, it's not uncommon at all to get a bit of streaking when doing the foundation layer on a black car. But every single time we've done this, and followed immediately with the standard application, 4 things happened:

                  1. the second drying process was insanely fast and easy - the water just jumped off the paint and into the towel. If you're blow drying the car, great, it should be a breeze now!
                  2. the slickness felt when towel drying the paint is crazy!!
                  3. the tightness of the water beads is insane, noticeably better than just after the foundation layer
                  4. any streaking you may have had from the foundation layer application is gone.
                  G. O. N. E.

                  Michael Stoops
                  Senior Global Product & Training Specialist | Meguiar's Inc.

                  Remember, this hobby is supposed to be your therapy, not the reason you need therapy.


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                    Re: HCW ... LOVE it, but one question

                    Awesome. Thanks.

                    I have very successfully applied it to my wife’s car. It works better than the Bead Maker on my car honestly.