Hi everyone....

A lot of people want to share a picture in their message and naturally try to do so using the Attach file option at the bottom of where you type in your message...

That would be right below to the left where it says "Attach File"

When I say that the Attach File option is not enabled, what I mean is it won't insert your picture, but instead inserts a link. You can still click on the Browse button to select a picture off your computer, but it won't actually insert the image. See below,

The "Attach File" option is turned off because over time the data base tables become corrupted and the wrong pictures show up in messages, (everyone's messages). What this means is overtime, if you were to read a message you posted you may see someone else's picture in your message instead of the picture you originally Attached. This can be very annoying. For example, you post a message about the horrible swirls in your car's finish but the pictures shows beautiful car, or something else. When this happens, you message doesn't make sense you to, or anyone else that's reading the thread.

The other problem with using the Attach File option is that it creates two data bases with pictures, (one for the gallery and one for the forum), which is a bad use of resources and causes long back-up times.

For the above reason, we provide all our registered members with their own gallery to keep their photos in. We ask all of our members to upload their pictures into their gallery and then use the IMG tags to insert your picture into your message.

It would look like this,

Note: In the above picture, there is a Yellow Box drawn around what is called the URL Address of a picture that is on the Internet, whether it's in your Meguiar's Online Gallery, or somewhere else. To snag this address, all you have to do is Right Click with your mouse on the top of any photo on the Internet, and then select Properties. An information box will appear on your computer screen with information about the pictures. Look for the words, URL Address and then use your mouse/cursor to to highlight the address and then Right Click on the highlighted text and select Copy, to copy this URL address into the IMG button/tags.

It's pretty simple and easy to do, once you do it a few times. After uploading your pictures and inserting them using the IMG button, you will get the hang of it and it works the same way on most forums.

Here are some tutorials on how to work with images in the vbulletin environment. These can be found in a forum called, Meguiar’s On-line Technical Tutorials.

1) How-to Crop your photos before uploading them to your gallery
2) How to resize your photos using Easy Thumbnails - Free software!
3) Step-by-Step Picture-Posting HOW TO

In most cases, you should follow the above order when working with your images. That is,

First Step - Crop your photo's. Cut out the junk so that your picture contains what's important, the picture should tell a story even if the story is, "Look at me, I'm a beautiful car". There is an example in the tutorial).

Second Step - Resize your photos. It's bad Netiquette to post pictures that are wider than 700 pixels wide as it will not fit on the majority of peoples computer monitors and in order to see you picture, the viewer will have to horizontal scroll, ugh.... A lot of digital cameras take very large pictures, so you you must resize them to make them easy to view as well as faster to download.

The Tutorial for his shows you how to do it with a free software program that I use, but any software program that you already own and know how to use will also work.

Third Step - Upload your picture to your gallery, this is covered for both PC computers and MACcomputers in the tutorial.

When you see someone, especially a new member trying to attach a picture using the Attach file option, please be kind and share with them the link to this message so that they will understand why their pictures don't show up and so that they can learn the proper procedures for inserting photos into their messages.

We want to encourage people to post their pictures, but we want to show them how to do it the right way.

"Each one, teach one"

Thank you!