Clear Coat Problem / Turned Milky White in Spots
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Thread: Clear Coat Problem / Turned Milky White in Spots

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    Clear Coat Problem / Turned Milky White in Spots

    I bought an 87 Lotus Esprit over the winter months. Last month (early June) I washed/clayed/hand glaze/polish/NXT Paste. I put a cover on the car and left it outside. Well it rained for 3 days while parked outside. When I took the cover off I noticed some blotchy spots on the car. Like moisture got under the clear coat. I figured over time the moisture would dry and the spots would go away. But it still remains after about a month of being in and out of the sun, and parked in the garage.

    Any advise on how to make it go away...?

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    Try cleaning, polishing and waxing one small area.

    Use some ScratchX, or Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner, apply, work in, and remove from an area about 8" square or so. Then apply a polish and then a wax. Basically, try doing the things you would normally do in a detailing session and then inspect the results of that one area as compared to the rest of the car.

    For the most part, if the problem is on the surface, the ScratchX should fix it. If the problem is throughout the matrix of the clearcoat, then I'm not sure what to think or to tell you.

    Try the above recommendation first and see what happens if for no other reason that is the simple fix.

    Keep us posted of your results...
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