So a couple questions about detailing a car during the winter. I know from reading here that Megs products are not recommended to be used below 55F, but does this have to do with the ambient air temperature or the temperature of the surface of the car? For example, in southern New Mexico we will get below 55F on many days during the winter but the sun will be out most of the time. With my black car absorbing the energy of the sun the surface of the car can get above 55F but not into the extreme heat of the summer. So I guess the questions are:

1. Is the 55F limit more important for the ambient temperature or the surface temperature of the car?

2. Would I be able to apply the products that say to not apply in the sun due to the lower temperatures outside?

Just trying to figure this out because I will have no garage to work in but I just got a new black car, so work will need to be done.