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    Wash/Wax Advice

    Advise needed...
    I washed my car yesterday drove it about 10 miles then parked it in the driveway a few hours.
    Now its ben parked in the garage a day. (setting up the scenario)
    I was wondering if it would be advisable to rewash it first. before waxing?
    Are there any step I can take to prepare before the surface without washing before wax?

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    Re: Wash/Wax Advice

    You definitely need to clean the paint before waxing, yes. You could wash it. You could also use a quick detailing spray if it's just a light layer of dust. How to clean it really depends on how dirty it is and what you're comfortable with.

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    Re: Wash/Wax Advice

    Agree with above:

    light dust: a detail spray like any of our quik detailers will work to safely remove light dust & contaminants ensuring the surface is completely clean & ready for an application of wax.

    anything beyond light dust: either a waterless product like our Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax or a traditional two bucket was method prior to applying a coat of wax.

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