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    Unhappy Old Plus/ New Paint

    Help. I'm Va. Roadrunner and I'm new to this, but I have a 1994 Mazda B3000 PU in super shape, but a few years back I gave it a new SS/at Maaco paint and it looked good for awhile,it's black, then it got dull and would not shine for nothing.
    I've used it all, and nothing works, so I went back to the dealer and they state "OH, well it's SS and there is no Clear coat and that's the problem and the only way to change that is a complete new Paint job, about 1500-1600 dollars. Now what, is there anything I can do for a shine. I can get it looking somewhat decent, but it only last about 2 days and back to same ole same ole. I want to keep the truck, but I also want it to look good as well. Do I have any options other than a complete re-do? Thanks

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    Re: Old Plus/ New Paint

    Any chance of pics?

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