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    The supervisor's Truck

    I was asked to detail a truck belonging to one of my supervisors' (he did pay me). So Yesterday, I drove 1-1/2 hours to another county to take car of business. The truck is a low mileage, older model with two-tone blue over tan paint, with large chrome rims and meaty tires, it's a full-sized GMC Sierra with the extended cab (not crew cab) and I'm quite sure it's been lifted a little.

    I only took one 'before' shot because the hood represented the rest of the truck quite well, except the sides were actually worse - I just couldn't get a good angle with the light to show the defects. Here it is B.D (before Don):

    The truck was washed with Gold Class wash using a large MF mitt that holds about a half gallon of water and suds and the rims/tires were deep cleaned with Meg's Acid-Free Wheel and Tire Cleaner (sorry, I don't know the product number for this) and scrub brushes

    Knowing this was going to be a production type detail, I chose to use D151 for my main cutting/polishing product. Combine that with a maroon-thin Meguiar's cutting pad on speed 5 on the PC, and I had an awesome response from the paint giving up most of it's defects, If I had to guess, the paint is now at about 85-90% correction - quite an improvement. Sorry I couldn't get any 50/50 shots, but time was short and being in the shade, they didn't show up very well, but to the naked eye, it was a dramatic difference.

    I worked on the roof and the hood first, using the D151 to cut and polish then a quick coat of Ult Liquid Wax to seal the panels. Using a two-step really didn't cost me a lot of time or effort and like it's said: "under promise, but over deliver." The reason I did the horizontal panels to completion before touching the verticals is simple, I HATE working on ladders and I wanted to get all the ladder work out of the way as soon as possible.

    After the horizontals, the verticals were a breeze and went by quickly even though they were in fact worse than the hood.

    I treated the tonneau cover with Meg's #40 and the one thing about the D151 I found out that not only does it have excellent cut and finish, but it's DUSTY So once I was 'completed' with the truck, I gave it a light wipe down with Meg's Ult Quik Detailer and an extra puffy MF cloth.

    The owner was there (he even pulled the wheels to clean the backs of them) up to the when I had coated the truck with Ult Liquid Wax, but left to go to a function before I vacuumed the interior and gave the truck the UQD wipe down. He was really impressed and commented: "It looks so good, I may have to sell it now." Then later, just as I get home, he asks me to send him a picture of it completed over his phone. He's never done this before, the only thing I can think of is that he's going to show the picture off to show others my abilities - either that, or he wanted to have a good picture to put with the sale ad he said he's going to take out on the truck LOL.

    Here are a few 'afters,' the one showing the full truck is the one I texted to him. I won't see him again until tomorrow when I get to work, so I should find out what he really thinks about it.

    Oh, yeah ... the tires were treated with Meguiar's 'Hot Shine/Reflect," which has deep, wet black look in the shade, and a sparkle/rainbow effect in direct sunlight - he liked the extra "bling" the sparkles gave the tire.

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    Re: The supervisor's Truck

    Well done.

    I'm sure the owner is very happy with BD/AD (before Don/after Don ) transformation.
    D151 has some good cut and nice finish. Excellent choice for this project.

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    Re: The supervisor's Truck

    Must admit that is a brilliant job. Looks fresh

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    Re: The supervisor's Truck

    Much improved! Thanks for sharing.
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