Can I use machine polisher on interior?
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Thread: Can I use machine polisher on interior?

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    Can I use machine polisher on interior?

    Can I use the G3500 DA polisher or a 3" hook and loop drill attachment with Meguiars Quick Interior Detailer and Ultimate Protection on dash and plastic trims?

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    Re: Can I use machine polisher on interior?

    Hi Vital,

    Our G3500 DA Power System has not been tested for this application & we would not recommend it.

    If you are looking for more cleaning ability, we would suggest checking out our M39 Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaner or D101 All Purpose Cleaner. You can also use an automotive specific brush with either nylon or natural boars hair bristles for more cleaning ability of vinyl, rubber, or colored plastic hard surfaces. I like using brushes like the ones in the below picture for dash, door panels, cup holder areas, etc, even wheels, sometimes leather.

    If you are looking for a great way to apply any dressing or protectant product like our Ultimate Protectant Spray, we like dispensing or spraying directly onto a soft foam applicator pad like our W0004 Soft Foam Applicator pads. this allows for great control as opposed to spraying the product directly onto the surface & the amount of product used, and also allows for very even spreading of the product from the soft foam applicator pads pore design, which helps for the overall final appearance of the product.

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