Fresh clear coat protection?
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Thread: Fresh clear coat protection?

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    Lightbulb Fresh clear coat protection?

    What product does Meguiar's recommend on freshly applied paint or clea coat? And besides me recommending to my customers to wait 90 days before applying a carnuba wax what "real" recommendation or evidence is there about this subject besides everyone's personal (so called experts) opinion? I've worked at automotive paint jobbers for many years and I have my own custom paint shop but I've never solved the puzzle or read actual solid evidence on proper waiting time besides some paint manufacturers brief requests to wait 90 days. To many opinions isn't always the way to go how about proper documentation for a change. Looking forward to seeing replies. Thanks

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    Re: Fresh clear coat protection?

    Hi xkpw,

    Meguiar's has a new product, our M305 Ultra Finishing Durable Glaze. This is a breathable, silicone free protection for fresh paint. More information can be referenced at the following below link:

    Meguiar's M305 Ultra Finishing Durable Glaze
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