How to remove this paint
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Thread: How to remove this paint

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    How to remove this paint

    Im practicing and honing in my detailing skills on my 2004 neon so I can apply to our 2016 challenger and Cherokee as needed.

    car was covered top to bottom with swirls and have got some good practice on my technique using m105, m205, hex logic pads and da polisher. Very happy with the outcome so far.

    the rear door looks like it was damaged at one point and someone did a horrible job using color match spray paint (single stage) to cover the damage on the door. The spray also went onto the rear quarter panel which I don't think had damage.

    im practicing on this car so I have no problem trying new things such as wet sanding which I've dabbled with, I also have a front painted quarter panel that I removed and is junk that I can practice on.

    my questions are:
    1. How do I remove the spray on the rear quarter panel? Chemicals? Mechanical? I know how to clay and use a da polisher.

    2. How can I remove or fix the areas circled in the picture?

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    Re: How to remove this paint

    It looks like you might have to prepare yourself for a re-spray for both panels to completely eliminate and restore the area.

    Looks like it has rusted and just painted over to cover up the rust. You could sand that particular panel (the area with 3 arrows pointing towards it) and also the one with the lone arrow on the other panel to evaluate the level of rust (if indeed there is rust damage), if the rust damage isn't as bad, I would sand the areas until the rust is mostly of not totally gone.

    Do note that you must not apply any sort of wax protection over re-sprayed panels, for those cases, you will have to use a pure polish (Deep Crystal or M07), or the M305 (a breathable type of protection for repainted surfaces), try to avoid wax infused carwashes, use the more conventional quick detailers (the original one in the maroon sprayers or last touch instant detailer.

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