What is the best cigarrete socket carpet extractor?
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Thread: What is the best cigarrete socket carpet extractor?

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    What is the best cigarrete socket carpet extractor?

    Unfortunately, I live in an apartment and I don't the place to use a regular corded carpet extractor. I dislike the fact that I would have to pay at least $30 for some random guy just to shampoo my carpet, when I could do it myself with APC. I simply do not have a wet vac or extractors like they do. There are no car washes or gas stations near me that have coin operated wet vac or extractor. I either pay up for the job or get a cigarette socket wet vac myself.

    I already have a feeling that any cigarette socket wet vac is going to ****, no pun intended. How do I extract, how do I wet vac under this conditions? How do I hustle? I'm just a regular guy who wants to keep his car clean on a budget.

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    Re: What is the best cigarrete socket carpet extractor?

    What comes to mind is: get an DC/AC converter from your store of choice or online, and get a Shop Vac from Lowe's (or your brand of choice from your Home Improvement store of choice). You can get a small Shop Vac for $30, last I checked, and roughly the same price for an DC/AC converter. The DC/AC converter may come in handy for other things also - charging a laptop on a long car trip, who knows what else. Yes, the whole setup will cost you what it would cost to have your carpet shampooed twice, but then you'd have the equipment to use for years to come. Caveat: I don't have any personal experience with this setup, together at least. I have used an DC/AC converter many times, and have used the $30 Shop Vac from Lowe's many times. One concern may be how you would affect your battery. I don't have any personal experience to contribute on that front as I always used the DC/AC converter while the vehicle was being driven. I also tend to err on the side of caution so I'm not sure if I'd try it without having the vehicle running. But then you get emissions, etc. I can't help you on that part though.
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    Re: What is the best cigarrete socket carpet extractor?

    Why don't you take it to a local self-service car wash place? One of those coin operated car wash facilities. They have wet/dry vacs there you can use.

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