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Thread: Do I really need to use white wax on a white car.

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    I think our new Ultimate Fast Finish is going to be a very popular go to. Spray on paint & simply wipe off for a year's worth of water beading, protection, gloss, slickness.
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    Re: Do I really need to use white wax on a white car.

    Quote Originally Posted by KIA HYBRID View Post
    I looking for the look but i will take the longevity over the look .it's a dd and it get dirty quick.
    Depends on how OCD you are but for a daily driver I would use White Wax with a DA and a Polish Pad as a 1 step solution (polish/cleaner+wax). Doing multi step on a daily driver may drive you mad.

    Is my DD with White Wax perfect? No. But it is good enough and better than most cars in my work parking lot!

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