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Thread: Fix for accidentally removing factory polyurethane leather coating?

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    Fix for accidentally removing factory polyurethane leather coating?

    My name is Dan and I'm brand new to the forum. I have been using only Meguiar's on my cars for years now. I just recently purchased a new Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm obsessively clean about my Jeep and because of this, I have a major problem that I'm desperately looking for input on. I purchased my Jeep out-of-state so when my plates came in, I used a razor and rubbing alcohol to remove the registration sticker from the front window. After I had done this, I was looking at something on my back seat and a drop of sweat from my forehead dripped on the middle backseat cushion. Without thinking, I used the same microfiber rag with the rubbing alcohol on it to wipe up the sweat. When I looked at the rag, there was black on it. My car is immaculate and only a month old so I knew that it wasn't dirt. I immediately freaked. Hours later I went outside to look at the spot and while all of the rest of the interior leather is a matte black, this spot was shiny black. I've been doing hours of research online and it seems that I most likely wiped the protective polyurethane coating from the seat. How screwed am I? Is there anything I can do to fix this? Somehow replace the polyurethane coating? I can't believe I did this. I even looked on the Mopar website and am considering buying a new leather cover for $500 and replacing the one I messed up. Man o man.

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    Re: Fix for accidentally removing factory polyurethane leather coating?

    Bringing this one back from the (mostly) dead. Is there an answer or fix to the problem stated?

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