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I had the same exact
problem. When I called Meguiars they seemed to not care and kept telling me the product is 3 years old and out of warranty, sorry bout your luck.
After about a wasted hour of troubleshooting I found the cord was bad where they crimped it going into the unit. I cut the wire off and re-spliced it into the buffer and the problem is gone.
Very low grade cord. I only used it 6 times. Symptoms were exactly as you described above.
When I called Meguires is sounded like they were having an office party in the background, laughing and giggling
The guy sounded like he was on a wireless headset and decided to walk away from his job to go to the office party instead of helping a customer in need. The very same customers that bought him his pretty new office business shirt !!! I was totally enraged by his replies. He sounded like a newbie or just another employee who could give a care less. Needless to say I hung up on him.
Very disappointed in Meguiars for letting me down.
I am posting this so others with the same problems can fix their machine and get back to work and not waste their time calling Meguiars and getting disrespected like I did. I will never forget that call and will not rely on any help from them again after getting disrespected like I did when I was in a bind.
I am the hard working American out here trying to make an honest living while some guy in a nice new business suit is having an office party and doesn't have the time to help the people that make his paycheck !!
Hi 6043ron,

We are truly sorry to hear about your experience. I want to let you know your feedback with both our product & Solutions Hub will be documented internally for the appropriate departments. I can confidently say this is not typical for our Solutions Hub, so again, we apologize to hear about your experience.

I will be letting the manager of the department, Brian Hann, know of your experience. I would encourage you to contact him directly at 800-854-8073 ext. 3870 or bhann@meguiars.com.

We completely understand you are not happy. You are always welcome to use Meguiar's Online Forum to contact us. With that said, we are strict in moderating the community here to keep the discussion family friendly. I will have to remove some of your comments which contain profanity.

Thank you.