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Thread: 1975 Camaro - How to Clean Instrument Bezel

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    1975 Camaro - How to Clean Instrument Bezel


    I bought a 1975 Camaro last year and have been looking for a faux birdseye maple instrument dash gauge bezel that were on the LT's in '75. I recently found one but the color is "grayer" than what it should be and while I'm sure at least some of that is due to fading over time, I was wondering if there are any Meguiar products that might make it look brighter and perhaps bring out at least some of the truer color of the woodgrain. I'm hesitant to try anything until I get some expert advise as I do not want to ruin the bezel. There appears to be a glossy finish on top of the wood grain and not sure what type of coating this is.

    I would appreciate input on what products to use and how to proceed.

    Also, if anyone has (or knows the whereabouts of) one of these bezels to sell please let me know.



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    Re: 1975 Camaro - How to Clean Instrument Bezel

    I don't know of any sure cure, but I've used the old-school Meguiar's Plastic cleaner and Polish #10 and #17 on a lot of interior plastics, clear, opaque and woodgrain. It's not nearly as aggressive as today's Plast-X, but seems to have a bunch of oil content like M03 & M07. The combination of the oil and polishing properties of a terrycloth applicator. Be prepared for a lot of rubbing, but you won't hurt any of the old plastic.


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