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Thread: Cat scratch fever

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    Re: Cat scratch fever

    Man, I didnt mean to get anybody all riled up.
    I was only trying to be funny. I wouldnt put out anti-freeze. I would have a bunch of dead squirrels laying around. And yes, I like squirrels more than cats.
    But man, you guys gotta loosen up.

    The vette is double protected at this point. Garage doors closed and locked. Vette under a cover.
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    Re: Cat scratch fever

    Quote Originally Posted by Selectchoice View Post
    Exactly how far into the woods do you live Blueline?
    How long is a ball of string? Actually I do not live in "the woods", but on a farm, near other farms, who are near other farms, that, may or may not be out in the woods, or near towns or cities. As for injuring a cat, some folks really need to understand "bravado".
    We have several, and not one has ever been chastised, abused, or injured. Well there was that one tractor incident.

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    IDE b the 1st one to agree with u on political correctness garbage. But u have to at least sound like ur joking and not serious. I think this country is out of control on alot of things. And the hottest topic now seems to b anti bullying. I don't agree with it but just seems that in today's world everything is bullying. But back to cars and how wonderful meguiars products are.

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