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    foaming trigger sprayer

    I got the SM arnold foaming trigger sprayer (yellow/white)

    I just used it today with the Meguiar's APC 4:1.

    I was just wondering if it is suppose to produce alot of white foam? Cause it feels a bit watery to me.

    Unless I didn't adjust the tip correctly. Anyone know if turning the tip so that the tip is further away would make more foam?

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    Re: foaming trigger sprayer

    Some products will foam more than others when used with a foaming sprayer, but you really hit the big variable - how you adjust the sprayer. That can and will have a large impact on just how much foam you produce with any product. APC should be able to produce a decent amount of foam with this sprayer, so play around with the adjustments a bit and you'll hit on the right set up for you.
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