These customers are big fans of Meguiar's. They even would go to the Kodak Theater to watch Barry's show.
The husband saved this car from going to the crusher and re-did the whole thing.
The wife usually just wipes this car down with Quick Detailer but after some toe surgery she couldn't get it ready for the show and called me.

This car needed a polish but it wasn't in their budget. I wanted to give them a little more because they are such big Meguiar's fans. I was going to polish it quickly but after some tests M66 gave the best and quickest results.

Waterless Wash, Speedy prep towel, M66 on a Yellow pad and my Flex did a great job on the paint.
Zep Stainless Steel Cleaner/Protectant on the hub caps and rockers.
303 Con. top cleaner and water repellent did a good job on the top.
D156 on the glass for some protectant and shine

A few before pics:

I would have loved to correct these Rids but what are you going to do?

After pic:

Some shots of the interior:

Love the steering wheel! The had a new one made.

Here's all the trophies this car has won over the years:

Here's a recent one from Cruising for a Cure: