The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)
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Thread: The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

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    The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

    Overview Meguiars M101 Foam Cut Compound

    The TRUE Story of M101, maybe...

    Several years ago, at SEMA, I was walking the halls after hours with Bryan Burnworth, when we ran into a dreary little fellow by the name of Kevin Brown. After a brief conversation we learned that Kevin and the Meguiar's crew had to stay late to polish out a hot rod. I don't remember everybody who was present but I remember Derrick Bemmis and a tall chap by the name of Greg Nicholas.

    This was the year that DA Microfiber system was being launched (I had been using the system for the year previous) so the Meg's guys were standing around this car, G110's in hand, microfiber discs on the pad... I asked Kevin, “What are we using, M105 or D300?”

    “Top secret....,” this cheeky fellow replied.

    He put a couple of drops on my microfiber pad, Derrick gave me quick instructions (I was in awe of his hair), and we got to work. Before my eyes, under the lights of the Las Vegas Convention Center, I watched the paint defects melt away with record speed. Not only did the defects disappear but some noticeable paint shrinkage was greatly reduced. I had, to that point, never experienced DA correction on that scale.

    “Kevin, ole' chap, humor me with the details of this liquid gold,” I begged.

    “Todd what are you talking like that?” Kevin frowned.

    “Kevin, my diction must show my dedication to the queen,” I offered. Kevin shook his head then mentioned the name...

    “M...” I hung on the letter, waiting....

    “1....” I waited, memroies of Ralphie's battle with be sure to drink your ovaltine flooding my memory.

    “0...” more Kevin, more!

    “1....” I was free....

    Bryan Burnworth, impressed with the correction, leaned and opined, “Pimp juice playa, pimp juice.” And so, years before the moniker caught on, a playa was born...

    Sometime, some months later, we releasing the DA microfiber system, I asked Jason Rose (Meguiar's SuperStar) when Meguiar's M101 would be released.

    His brow curled in furry and his lips pursed, “The first rule of M101,” he started. I immediately felt like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, I know, I know, we don't talk about it. He shattered my fantasy by continuing, “is we don't ever, ever $%$#ing talk about it ever. It doesn't exist. Understand me? Helme?”

    Over the next couple of years, with a secret stash of M101 stored for correction, I watched as Meguiar's launched the product in Europe under the name “Foam Cut Compound”. It was a strange name as I found the best performance to be with a Meguiar's DA Microfiber pad. Bryan and I spoke with a couple of people about M101, as did others who were there that faithful night in Las Vegas. Soon the word spread, the product was black-marketed in, and the news spread like wild fire. This year, at SEMA, Meguiar's announced to the waiting world of enthusiasts that Meguiar's M101 Foam Cut Compound would be released in the states. I have been fortunate to have played with this product for the last 3 years, and feel I could offer some helpful advice and insight into the product.

    “It is called Foam Cut Compound and Meguiar's recommends it for use on a rotary polisher? Is it this limited?”

    NO! My understanding is that the compound was originally developed for European Refinishers (body shops). The body shops of Europe tend to favor foam pads and use paint systems that are unique to that market. Meguiar's set up temporary labs in Europe and did field testing in order to tweak it to that specific need. My chance, happenstance, or Jason Rose's careful planning (I would suggest the latter) they created a compound that has huge levels of cutting and leveling action when applied with most tools and pad systems. Trust me, this stuff works amazingly well with a microfiber disc and a DA polisher.

    In choosing to launch M101 in the States, Meguiar's decided to keep the name the same, to avoid the inevitable rumors that product had been tweaked or changed. It is the identical product. If I could name it, I would steal from Bryan Burnworth's dictionary and call it M101 Pimp Juice Super Ultra Amazing Cut and Finish DA Rotary and Hand Compound Plus Polish Gloss Intensifying Buffing Liquid, but then again, there is a reason I don't name products.

    “So this can be used with DA polishers and other pads?”

    Please read above. If you are too lazy to reread what you obviously missed, the answer is yes. In fact if you were to apply M101 with just a foam pad and a rotary, you would be limiting a very versatile product.

    “How does M101 compare to M105?”

    M101 has a much faster rate of cut and a more intense leveling action. It will scour the surface (haze) slightly more, although this can be curtailed by keeping the pad clean. If you keep the pad clean (during and after sections) you can achieve an amazingly high-gloss finish. M101 will dust slightly and it can stain older, damaged trim.

    “How does M101 compare to D300?”

    M101 has a working time that falls between M105 (short) and D300 (longer). It will dust more then D300 and it does not product quite the finish. In terms of rate of cute and total cut, its not even close.

    “What is this I am hearing about mixing D300 and M101?”

    While everybody will find their own recipe for mixing the two, I find that 2 drops of D300 and 1 drop of M101 works great for most situations. You flip this (1 of D300 and 2 of M101) for stronger cutting action.

    The reason to do this is because D300 will reduce the dusting and improve wipe-off, as well as extend the working time. It can also reduce the micromarring and DA haze created by M101 on some really soft paint finishes.

    “M101 seems too aggressive for what I need. Is it overkill?”

    Yes and no. M101, like other Meguiar's SMAT buffing liquids (M105, M205, M86, D300, consumer line), is as aggressive as you want it to be. When discussing SMAT buffing liquids we are not discussing total cut as much as we are discussing rate of cut. M101 removes defects faster then other products in the Meguiar's SMAT line, but like other SMAT polishes, it leaves a great finish every step of the way.

    If you are removing light paint defects (such as towel marks) then an extremely short cycle (15 seconds or less in some cases) will remove the defects and still leave a high gloss finish. Remember there is no reason to over work these products, they don't need to break down. Work until the defects that you are trying to remove are eliminated, then move on.
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    Re: The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

    Great write up Todd. Now I understand what all the excitement is about.
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    Re: The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

    I'm liking what I am hearing. Now the wait begins for the product to hit the shelf.
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    Re: The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

    Thank you Todd! This is some great info for someone like myself who hasn't used it yet. I can't wait to get some!

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    Re: The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

    Can't wait to get this product. I am digging the suggested D300 + M101 combo. I might as well try this with D300 + M105 on my stubborn hard painted DD until I can get M101.

    Thanks for the information.

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    Re: The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

    Thank you for the story. Like others have said cant wait to get some and see what it will do with my DD. My DD laughs at UC, Yellow pad, and G110v2. Gonna put this new product on my Flex and hybrid pads and see who has the last laugh.
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    Re: The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

    Well, there you have it. We've openly talked about the market this product was developed for, and even how we sent Jason and Brent, one of our chemists, to Europe for an extended stay so they could develop the product in the back yard of those for whom it was intended.

    All the rest of Todd's comments regarding use of the product are pretty much spot on. Talking with guys who have been black marketing this product for a while, and openly discussing it on Facebook (primarily) it's no longer a surprise to us here at Meguiar's that they're using it in many different ways, and getting great results. We're talking about some of the top detailers in the country here, guys who take experimentation to a whole new level to push their craft to the max. We're NOT talking about a bunch of guys who overthink the heck out of everything, or read more into a statement than they should. No, these are truly talented, very level headed professionals who's income depends on the quality of their work, happy clients, return business, and word of mouth expansion of their business. These guys are highly demanding, highly skilled, and pretty darn bright, too. They understand paint, they understand the paint polishing process.

    From our perspective, it's better to have these guys, Todd included, share this sort of thing with the rest of you than to have us come out and recommend these techniques. M101 is a remarkable product. No, it's not the be all, end all of compounds and it's not perfect for every application (nothing fits that bill). But it can do far more than what it's focused design intent might lead you to believe.
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    Re: The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

    Thanx Todd for the report and a GREAT story line.


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    Re: The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

    Great, when do we get it down under? (No! Not New Zealand!)
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    Re: The true story of Meguiar's M101 (overview)

    Quote Originally Posted by Alfisti View Post
    Great, when do we get it down under? (No! Not New Zealand!)
    That's right we already have it in New Zealand . Looks like the Kiwis bet the Aussies in another thing
    If you get a chance to get some do get it it well worth it
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