NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernande
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Thread: NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernande

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    NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernande

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made this training happen! I had a great time at the class, learned some new things, got to play with some new tools, met some great peeps, made new friends, and spent time with some of the best guys in the biz! Well worth the trip!!!

    Just thought I'd share a few pics I took from the class.

    Joe and the Megs team setting things up.

    Bryan's rental car which we used for sanding and polishing.

    We don't need no stinking gloss meter!

    Stoops had a knack for sneaking up on everyone and recording them doing something right or wrong.

    The World Famous, Tru-Shine!!!

    Why so serious Joe?

    Kevin, the "Poobah of Polish" himself, was demonstrating the right and wrong way "buff off an edge"

    The BIG FOOT!!! This will be one of my new tools!

    Addison, Greg, and me were in full force representing the Detailed Image "Ask-A-Pro" team.

    I had hoped to get all the guys in a group pic but it spaced my mind until people started leaving. Someone good with PS will just have to paste in a pic of Stoops and Joe for me.

    That's about all I have as we were hard at it for 15+ hours!

    Thanks again!


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    Re: NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernan

    Great pics Chad! Thanks for posting them up. Was cool seeing you again and working that hood over with just about everything

    Excellent class and big thanks to Jason, Kevin, and Michael for putting it on!

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    Re: NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernan

    The Sunday class was just as awesome! It was great to meet other pros and the Meg's guys; I can't believe how much valuable information I learned over the course of one day. It was priceless and I would highly recommend any future NXTi class for anyone interested.
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    Re: NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernan

    Thanks for sharing the pics Chad! Wish I could have been there.

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    Re: NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernan

    Thanks for getting this thread started, Chad! We were planning on starting one ourselves but it just makes sense to keep them all here. So, hold on to your buffers everyone - there's a bunch of images below!!!

    This was the setup before the guys arrived for Day 1. The room never looked this clean again!!!

    All eyes, and ears, focused on Jason Rose.

    Wet sanding techniques were the first order of the day, both hand sanding and DA sanding.

    The day may have been long and pretty intense, but it was also a lot of fun!

    Closely spaced hand sanding pattern, with plenty of water for sanding lube.

    We kept a really close eye on the students, making sure their technique was good. Technique is everything in this game, and Kevin Brown will let you know if yours if off by even a little.

    Hand sanding, DA sanding - edge work, flat panel, the guys did it all.

    They kept tabs on each other, too!

    Air or electric, the damp sanding process will let you finish with a highly refined sanding mark that is much easier to buff out.

    Joe Fernandez (AKA Superior Shine) was on hand to lend his expertise, too.

    Did we say "hands on" training? Yep.

    Time for a lunch break..... hey, you've got to fuel the body for all that hard work!

    Do these guys look interested or what? This level of interest and enthusiasm filled the entire weekend, and it was just awesome to experience!

    See the guy in the white lab coat? That's Brent Dunning, one of our chemists, answering questions for the guys on Saturday.

    Back in the garage, this time to rotary compound and polish and get rid of the sanding marks we worked on earlier.

    Nothing like expert training, and Kevin is simply one of the best. Period.

    When Kevin says "stop" he means it!

    This is what rental cars are for, right?

    A gentle hold on the buffer, and a close eye on the paint.


    More edge work with a 4" wool pad on the rotary. Great for control on panel edges where the paint is thinnest.

    When a guy with the skills of Richard Lin (AKA Octane Guy) is willing to come down and improve his already tremendous ability, you know you've got a heck of a program. In fact, so many of the guys in attendance were the kind of people most detailers would be thrilled to learn from, yet they never stop learning themselves. Fantastic!

    This is the type of one-on-one training we offered all weekend.

    These small pads really got a workout over the weekend.

    Joe really got around, and his great sense of humor helped keep the guys motivated and having fun.

    There's that "hands on" approach again.

    And there's that concentration again!

    Teaming up on the rental car.

    Late in the day and we're still polishing paint, honing techniques, and trying out tools.

    Every now and then we'd gang up on someone, just to keep 'em honest!

    Late into the night and the work continues.

    How awesome is this? Kevin had these stainless steel and laser etched collars made up for the G110v2, and everyone who attended the class is getting one!

    Just part of the material stash we went through. We kept the washer and dryer busy, too!

    Day 2 - a smaller group, but no less passion and enthusiasm.

    Joe might be looking at me like I'm crazy, but he's wrong and I'm right! Honestly, I have clue what we were talking about here - maybe the fact that I like sushi with a bit more wasabi and he doesn't understand raw fish when he can get a steak just around the corner. At least I know he'd get that look during that conversation!

    Jason makes sure everything is being done with proper technique.

    These were the wash marks on the hood of the rental car. Yikes!!

    A little electric DA sanding to gently remove the wash scratches.

    This is part of the hood after DA sanding with 1000 grit finishing disc and refined with 3000 grit finishing disc.

    Buffed out and this is the side by side difference. Too bad the rental agency will just shred the paint again next time they wash the poor car.

    Jason points out the finer details of hand sanding edge work.

    So what's this "edgework" we keep mentioning? It's a process whereby you "frame" the edges of the panel with either a smaller sanding disc or with shorter strokes by hand. This gives much more control and much less chance of burning an edge. The panel below has been "framed".

    Once the framing is done, you can go ahead and sand the remainder of the flat panel, as in the shot below.

    Kevin saying "stop" again! When he does this he wants you to stop in your tracks and NOT move the buffer. He will then point out either a correction to your technique, show you were you're going wrong, or where you've finally nailed it!

    You missed a spot.

    Can you believe this is how refined a 3000 grit sanding mark can look when done with a DA? Can you imagine how easy this is going to buff out?

    OK, back into the class room for some more theory (and air conditioning!).

    Pay attention, this is important!

    Jason Rose, master of the rotary buffer!

    More edge buffing for maximum control.

    Look at that wavey area in the middle of the shot. That's where a tape line was placed and the paint was never sanded or buffed, so the orange peel remains. Nice job of leveling that peel, huh?

    An alternative method for working the edge, this time with a full sized buffing pad.

    It's getting late again, but the guys are still at it.

    Speaking of leveling texture. Orange peel: Zero. NXTi students: Won!

    But, ah, this looks a bit messy!

    And, as the sun sets off in the distance........in fact, long after it set........geez, these guys just don't want to stop!!

    Thanks to everyone who made the trip to our training garage, whether you drove half an hour or flew in from the East Coast, and spent the day with us. It was fantastic to make some new friends, see some old friends, and spread some knowledge from all points while having an absolutely great time! A special thanks to Paul (AKA the other pc) for being our camera man for the weekend!
    Michael Stoops
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    Re: NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernan

    thanx mike, jason, and kevin for your time and patience. also for sharing your knowledge with us. it was a great class great time there. Forgot to mention Joe he was awesome too

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    Re: NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernan

    This looked like a great 2 days. Lots and lots of info and hands on. I hope to make it out to Meguiars for these classes and advancing my skills. Thanks to Rasky amd Michael for posting these great pictures to the inside look at what go on during these training sessions

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    Re: NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernan

    Just pure unabashed envy!

    Thank you all for posting the pictures...


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    Re: NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernan

    You can't go wrong when you have the "Best in the Business" teaching a willing group of learners!
    NXTti graduate, Meguiars Ford/SEMA Team

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    Thumbs up Re: NXTi training...a BIG THANKS to the Kevin Brown, The Meguiar's team, & Joe Fernan

    WOoW..... what an experience to remember.
    and so many experts under one special roof...
    Congrats to everyone who got to share this amazing training!!!

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