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Thread: hard water spots on black plastic

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    hard water spots on black plastic

    I have hard water spots on the textured black plastic shroud under my wipers on a 2009 honda accord coupe that i can not remove. Any suggestions on how to remove them without damage to the textured black plastic? Will vinegar work or will it harm or stain the plastic? If they cannot be removed, what product is the best to hide them and that is long lasting? thanks

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    Re: hard water spots on black plastic

    working on plastic is difficult at best.
    I use vinegar but it's very gentle and often I have to go more aggressive.
    Using a dressing will eventually get rid of them, eventually.
    There is also plastic paint but I don't trust that stuff.

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    Re: hard water spots on black plastic

    I would use Megs Ultimate protectant. On my wife's MPV van i had a dealer installed black rear bumper protector. This piece looked faded and had severe water spotting.
    I washed with APC+ (10:1), dried and applied a couple coats of UP over a week's time. It now looks brand new.
    Recently my wife parked the van at work, someone was power washing something dirty & muddy and some of this muck got on the bumper protector....and as luck would have it...i did not have time to wash the van.....a few weeks passed....washed off the muck and the bumper protector looked good still.
    Remember, just a small amount of product is all you need when applied with a foam applicator....I only used a couple quarter size blobs on a Meg yellow foam applicator pad....and a couple applications over a weeks time will do wonders for you.
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