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Thread: Chrome Plated Plastic

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    Question Chrome Plated Plastic

    I'm going over all of the painted surfaces of my car with Ultimate Compound followed by Ultimate Polish, and finally Gold Class Carnauba Plus Wax. In doing this I'm obviously taping off all of the non-painted parts of the car.

    Last night when I was removing the painter's tape, and inspecting my work with a Brinkmann Xenon, I noticed that there are some light swirls in the Chrome plated plastic trim that runs the length of the trunk lid of my car, and I'd like to know if it's possible to get rid of these. I'm talking about a chrome strip about 1" wide that runs between the two tail lights.

    Clearly this isn't real chrome, so a metal polish is out of the question. The question therefore is... what could you say this material is? and is there a Meguiars (or other brand) of product to polish out swirls?

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    Re: Chrome Plated Plastic

    It's chrome plated plastic and there is no fix.


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    Re: Chrome Plated Plastic

    You can try some cleaner/wax, like A-12 and GENTLY apply with a foam pad (by hand), even try some just on your finger tip. The plating is super thin, so be GENTLE.

    Did I mention, be gentle on that stuff?


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    Re: Chrome Plated Plastic

    I think the only true fix is to replace the piece. (Junk yard maybe?) Depending on how minor or light the scratches are, the best to hope for would to apply something like #9 Swrirl Remover with its fillers. (long shot at best) , then use a "fillered" wax like NXT.

    Any type of abrasive polish will likely remove more of the thin shiney layer.

    Respectfully submitted,

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    You can't polish chrome, and it is real chrome

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    Re: Chrome Plated Plastic

    I've had success on similar trim using M105. Had light swirls and a couple of deeper scratches thanks to a dealer... Cleared them right up, and not just filled in, they were removed.

    I've found that 'similar' trim pieces vary from manufacturer to manufacturer with regard to being prone to marking however I have seen excellent results. Ultimate compound should work if M105 did.

    If you're worried, try a small test area first.

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