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    Black Car

    I have a 2 seat roadster that I am the second owner of. It looks very nice and I had it professionally buffed and polished just after getting it because I was too busy to do it myself because of my work hours. I am just not pleased with the total gloss and deepth of shine it has. I have been building street rods and show cars for a long time in my early life and have produced several show winners in black with a deep,deep shine almost like they were wet! This car has nice paint and is clear coated as in most all but after trying several of yours and other products I can not get the deepth of shine I am looking for. Any ideas?

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    Re: Black Car

    Welcome to MOL! What have yo done so far? what products have you used?

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    Re: Black Car

    to MOL!

    It depends on the condition of the paint. When you say you're not pleased by the total gloss and depth, do you mean that it has buffer trails? Or is the paint swirl free but it just doesn't have gloss? Can you please share some pictures of the paint under the sun?

    Also, do you plan to polish your car by hand or using a machine? If you're doing the latter, what machine are you planning on using? A rotary or a Dual Action polisher?

    If your car has some swirls or buffer trails (from the sounds of it especially coming from a guy who buffed it), a good starting point is using the Ultimate trio. That includes Ultimate Compound, Ultimate Polish and Ultimate Wax. People achieve good results by hand but you'll achieve better results when you use a dual action polisher. These products are used for demos in the Meguiar's Saturday clinics with unbelievable and stunning results.

    Here's a great article on how to properly use these products using the G110v2 dual action polisher:

    D/A Buffing 101: An Introduction to the G110v2 (and-similar).
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    Re: Black Car

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark58 View Post
    Welcome to MOL! What have yo done so far? what products have you used?
    Yes, we'd like to know this as well. And beyond just what products used, how did you use them - by hand, with a buffer of some sort, etc?

    If those award winning cars you did back in the day had single stage lacquer on them, there's just something about that type of paint that just really lends itself to that super deep and wet look that can be a bit more difficult to get with a modern clear coat. Something about working on the actual color itself just gave those paints that little extra something, you know? Modern clear finishes can vary and some will look better, potentially, than others will, especially to a very discerning eye.

    Let's look a bit closer at what you've done and we'll see if we can make some recommendations from there.

    By the way, what's the make, model and year of this roadster?
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    Re: Black Car

    Springtucky, huh? I was raised there and my dad has a 35 Ford coupe that he shows all over that area...

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