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Thread: Drying technique

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    Re: Drying technique

    I'm not sure how using a Carbon water filter aids in stopping water spotting. Filters do not remove minerals...the things that cause nasty water spots. Filters remove things suspended in water, water SOFTNERS remove things dissolved in water...minerals. The carbon filter will remove sediment, chlorine, cysts etc but not minerals.

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    Re: Drying technique

    Sorry, but that's not quite right. A 2 micron carbon filter removes most particles bigger than 2 microns, which includes a lot of mineral particles, organisms and other sedimentation. The carbon also absorbs some organisms and chemicals. This changes the chemical make-up of the output water significantly. Ergo, as I have seen first hand in applying this theory to the reality of my local water supply, if the filtered water is left to dry, it leaves almost no water spots behind compared to the very hard and obvious spotting without the filter.

    Many typical kitchen sink filters are only good down to 25 microns, for example, so getting down to 2 microns is a major difference, still without reducing the water pressure of a nozzled garden hose, and the Whirlpool filter housing and two-pack of filters only cost me $30, plus some brass garden hose fittings. Believe me, despite the gen quality of my local water supply, it is very effective at reducing and nearly eliminating the water spots which occur from my local water supply. The results speak for themselves, and not just for detailing, but for the plants, etc.
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    Re: Drying technique

    I would recommend purchasing a DI water Filter for your final rinse, combine this with the Flooding / Sheeting method and you should be good to go.
    If you can add a blower to quickly dry off the paint even better.

    I use AMMO NYC products on my car so I use AMMO Hydrate when drying the car and it makes a world of a difference.

    I have ready that you can use a quick detail spray the same way, I have not tried this but from what I read it works well

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    Re: Drying technique

    I know this is an older thread but I am surprised that no one spoke of washing and drying is sections. With my car I start by washing the front end and roof first then squeegee the water and follow up with a towel. Also, I still wet down the sides just before drying the front and roof so they don't water spot. Then do one side at a time. Depending on the weather/sunshine I keep the unwashed area wet. I HATE WATER SPOTS!!!

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