Tire shine spray or gel?
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Thread: Tire shine spray or gel?

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    Tire shine spray or gel?

    hey everyone. Any suggestions on using tire shine? Trying to decide which product to get and debating between the gel or spray ? thanks

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    Re: Tire shine spray or gel?

    It really depends on you. Spray tire shine gives you convenience and time savings. You just spray it on the tire and if you have to, wipe of the excess. The gel tire shine requires you to have a foam applicator pad to spray your tire shine around. If you want convenience then go with the spray and if you want more control then go with the gel. Both will give you the same results.

    Have you tried Meguiar's Endurance Tire Shine? This will give you a very wet look and will last you a long time; even through rain.
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    Re: Tire shine spray or gel?

    Yeah, I tend to use the spray, but spraying it onto an applicator pad. Maybe a small spritz on the tire, but not enough to overspray or run anywhere.
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