D/A Microfiber Discs & Polishing
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Thread: D/A Microfiber Discs & Polishing

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    D/A Microfiber Discs & Polishing

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    I’m new to detailing boats and on your forumns this winter I researched and asked a bunch of questions, thought I had a system to go with using a porter cable d/a with foam pads and M67 and Flagship Marine wax, but now this new m/f disc system appears and I want to go with it.

    Boats will be my new endeavor, (gelcoat) using a porter cable d/a, I believe I need to order W67da backing plate, 5” M/F cutting discs and 5” M/F finish discs. Question: For VERY chalky rough gelcoat, should I use M67 then finish w/ Flagship Marine Wax or would D300 and D301 be specificied? I would gather from reading posts, decent condition gelcoats , using D300 and D301 would be sufficient.

    Thank you,

    Andy Morris
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    Re: D/A Microfiber Discs & Polishing

    I am in need of the same info. Guess we just need to try it and see.

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    Re: D/A Microfiber Discs & Polishing

    I just spent the weekend working on a 44' Tollycraft. The 300/301 worked quite well on the hull sides where oxidation wasn't too bad. On the transom, I broke out the rotary, wool pad and #91, then finished up with the 300/301. If I had a clean mf pad, i would have tried the 91 on it, but that will have to wait until later this week when I finish the topsides.

    I think that on really neglected gelcote, I'll probably still end up going with the rotary, but I'll do some experimenting this week and report back.

    Keep your mast up and your rudder wet !!

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    Re: D/A Microfiber Discs & Polishing

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonesey View Post

    I think that on really neglected gelcote, I'll probably still end up going with the rotary, but I'll do some experimenting this week and report back.
    We're inclined to agree with you on this, Glenn. While the DA Microfiber System can work very well (and does, in fact) on gel coat it's probably not going to be your best choice for very badly neglected and oxidized gel. At that point you've got a finish that is dramatically different from automotive paint some specialized products will get the job done better, usually - faster cutting, better able to cope with gel hardness, better able to cope with badly dried out finish. In these cases M67 even with a foam cutting pad via DA works beautifully.

    Now, if you've got a gel coat finish that is still healthy but is swirled up, then the DA Microfiber System may prove to be a winner for you.
    Michael Stoops
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