removing burn marks in paint?
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Thread: removing burn marks in paint?

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    removing burn marks in paint?

    hi talented meguiars ppl

    tomorrow im visiting my brother inlaws red holden calais that he bought from an auction. He tells me there is wha appears to be burn marks in the paint (from the detailing guys i guess)

    are there any techniques to hide or remove these marks? will get some pics up after ive been there to look @ it
    in the mean time .... HELP!! i need to know what to buy @ the shop on the way


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    If they are truely burns then there is no way to remove them. A burn constitutes the removal of clear in one section, repairable only by a repaint.

    If they are just buffer swirls(holograms), then you could use a rotary polisher(in the hands of someone skilled) or perhaps a PC to remove the marks. I have seen quite a bit of this lately. The dealers around here are notorious for applying wax by hand, then removing with a rotary buffer and a wool pad. They are keeping me busy.

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    I would agree with ebpcivicsi, if they are truly burn marks, then there is probably nothing you can do to fix them.

    I've seen burn marks in paint caused by the detailer somehow getting the backing plate next to the paint and burning the paint and also depositing plastic or rubber residue from the friction and heat of the backing plate spinning, and burning against the finish. Sometimes you can improve these by carefully polishing the area with a product like ScratchX by hand.

    Chances are however, if it truly is a burn mark or an area where the buffing pad has burned through the paint, (clear coat finish or non-clear coat finish), there isn't much you can do as the problem is paint is missing, and sometimes even discolored.

    Post some pictures and that will help everyone to see what it is you're seeing. If nothing else, you could try polishing and waxing the area with a paint cleaner like ScratchX and then add some wax, "You never know what you can do until you try"

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