Lady in Red.....Ferrari California , paint correction
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Thread: Lady in Red.....Ferrari California , paint correction

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    Talking Lady in Red.....Ferrari California , paint correction

    *A big THANK YOU to MobileJay and Jesse (Apollo_Auto), for their moral support
    Brand new car , but with defects from factory ... Haze! BIG TIME!
    At first look the car finish looks "perfect", but is not.
    Mission: Focus on Paint, remove haze and light swirls , random scratches and deep scratches.
    the car is a daily driver!

    Car got a good jet of water to remove any loose dirt from it, after that the wheels got some foam action , i use a solution with dawn , apc+ and hyper car soap for foam to remove all the previous wax from the paint.
    the wheel walls got some brush action and was dress with 303 protectant. the weels got optimum car wax.

    Foam Action

    The car got dry with blower , 20 minutes

    after dry , i tape most of the panels lines and rubber trims, also the hood, mirrors and front 1/4 panels was clear bra , so got tape too.

    i pull the car inside and use Led lights , halogen and Camera Flash to see the defects , I WAS SCARED! is like a horror movie on such car.

    The first thing i did was to remove 2 scratches from the rear panel , i use some meguiar`s 105 on a microfiber towel and i rub it by hand till disappear and i fallow with dual action polisher with polish pad and meguiar`s 205

    Next step was some random scratches on driver door where i use Meguiar`s 105 and polish pad fallow by meguiar`s 205 on polish pad
    all with dual action is the before/after pic

    everything else got 1 or 2 passes with meguiar`s 205 on polish pad.

    When done with polishing i remove all the tape clean windows , and i apply protection: 2 coats of blackfire done with microfiber applicator.
    Clear bra got clean with plexus , and as protection opti-seal , also all the lights got opti-seal.
    Here are the AFTERS , with some sun shots too


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    Re: Lady in Red.....Ferrari California , paint correction

    Very well done!!

    I know first hand that those California's have many paint defects. I remember the project I did for Ferrari of N.A. on four of them and they definately all needed paint correction.

    Awesome Job!

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    Re: Lady in Red.....Ferrari California , paint correction

    Stunning. Great work. Looks fantastic.
    quality creates its own demand

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    Re: Lady in Red.....Ferrari California , paint correction

    Very nice

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    Re: Lady in Red.....Ferrari California , paint correction


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    Re: Lady in Red.....Ferrari California , paint correction

    Great job! Imagine that as your daily driver. I watched a Modern Marvels episode on the Ferrari factory in Italy and it's difficult to imagine that given the apparent care they put into building their cars there would be any factory defects--but apparently it happens to some of the best.

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