4" Pads, 7" Pads, 1 Machine - Quick Change Adapters?
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Thread: 4" Pads, 7" Pads, 1 Machine - Quick Change Adapters?

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    4" Pads, 7" Pads, 1 Machine - Quick Change Adapters?

    I have the old style PC 7424 and some Meg's Soft Buff 2 pads with matching backing plate. I want to buy some of the newer 4" pads and matching backing plate. While I'd like to buy a new PC, Flex, or G110V2, the budget won't allow. I've seen the Edge DA adapter at ADS but don't see anything that would work with my current pads / backing plates. My question is if anyone makes a quick change adapter of some sort that would let go back and forth between the two Meg's pad sizes without using the wrench. Any suggestions?

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    Re: 4" Pads, 7" Pads, 1 Machine - Quick Change Adapters?

    We aren't aware of any such animal that will work with traditional backing plates and pads. Fortunately, swapping backing plates on a D/A really isn't all that time consuming or difficult, so until you can justify spending the money on a new G110v2 or similar you're going have to live with swapping backing plates. The good news, of course, is that you rarely need to change back and forth repeatedly during the course of a detailing project.

    Prior to having dedicated tools to do just what you're hoping to do, most guys would do all the work they could with the standard sized pads and then switch over to the smaller plate/pad and hit those tight spots.

    But we're in agreement with you overall - having dedicated tools for both size backing plates is a convenient luxury. Of course, adding a third dedicated tool to run a D/A style carpet brush is just nutty. But still a great thing to have.
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