G110 Polisher techniques
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Thread: G110 Polisher techniques

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    G110 Polisher techniques

    Do you use the handle when you use the G110? Do you position it straight up or at an angle? I ask because I saw a picture today of Tim Lingor using the D/A and noticed that he had it at an angle:

    Is this just personal taste, or a matter of superior technique?

    I also recently watched a youtube video in which the individual used the D/A without the handle. I found this appealing. During my recent first experience with the G-110, the screws attaching the handle worked their way out and dropped on the floor on a couple of occasions. I evidently did not screw them in tight enough.

    I welcome your suggestions for using the D/A properly. TIA.


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    Re: G110 Polisher techniques

    Personal taste

    Mike Pennington
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    Re: G110 Polisher techniques

    It's all a matter of getting your own technique down and what feels right to you, after all the more comfortable you are the better you feel and better your polishing can/will be.

    No one can tell you what's best, that's up to you. Just get one and try it out to what everway it feels good.

    I've got a G100 and a makita for buffing and don't use a handle on either one of them, it's what I'm comfortable with but I also have another makita just for polishing bare aluminum with and use the handle with it.

    Hope I've helped, others will chime in with more info and idea's on their ways and reason's.

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    Re: G110 Polisher techniques

    I tried it both ways on the G100. I like it better without. Just my preference.
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    Re: G110 Polisher techniques

    I dont use the handle on my G110
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