How Should I Apply Meguiars Synthetic Sealant?
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Thread: How Should I Apply Meguiars Synthetic Sealant?

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    Cool How Should I Apply Meguiars Synthetic Sealant?

    im gonna purchase number 21 synthetic sealant but i wanna know what would be the best way to apply it because i never done it myself? i always had a professional detail shop apply stuff like that for me with a buffer...

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    Re: How Should I Apply Meguiars Synthetic Sealant?

    You could apply it by hand or by machine. Work it into the paint, apply it thin, let it dry (using the swipe test method to see if it is dry) and remove. If you can, put a second coat on it, 12 hours later.

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    Re: How Should I Apply Meguiars Synthetic Sealant?

    It can be applied easily by hand, just applying thin coats with a Hi-Tec Foam Applicator. 2 thin coats is best.

    If you have never done much detailing before, it is meant to be used on a prepped surface, that means some kind of cleaning/polishing steps done first. If you wanted to keep it easy for yourself, using a cleaner/wax first followed up with the #21 would be a nice easy detail for you.

    Of course there is always more you can do, but its up to you how far you want to go. Here are a few links you can read over just incase you are new to detailing.

    Meguiar's 5-Step Paint Care Cycle
    Step 1 Wash
    Step 2 Clean
    Step 3 Polish
    Step 4 Protect
    Step 5 Maintain

    Suggested Products for Taking Care of a New Car

    What it Means to Remove a Scratch

    How To Remove Swirls By Hand

    How to remove a defect by hand with ScratchX

    1986 Ford Bronco II - Extreme Makeover

    Rotary vs. PC vs. Regular Orbital Buffer

    Recommended Products - G100a Dual Action Polisher

    Using the G-100 to remove swirls with the Professional Line

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    Re: How Should I Apply Meguiars Synthetic Sealant?

    If the surface is not properly prepared you will not see the maximum results of the product. Read over the links Murr supplied you with. Ask some questions. Then you can go from there.
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    Re: How Should I Apply Meguiars Synthetic Sealant?

    I agree with all the advice above, but would also add that once you go through the proper prep cycle and finish with #21, you can reapply #21 after a simple wash/dry as long as the vehicle has been washed regularly. I'll do the full detail in the Spring and again in late Fall, with one or two intermediate wax-only (#21) jobs in between.

    I think at a minimum I would precede #21 with clay and Cleaner/Wax (or Color X) in the Spring and refresh the #21 along with regular washing for the duration.

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