Tar on Tire
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Thread: Tar on Tire

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    Tar on Tire

    I unfortunately had to drive through an area where they were doing some road work this morning. When I got home I noticed that one of my front tires had picked up a large patch of road tar. So far I have scrapped as much off as I can, but it is still quite a bit that I cannot remove from the treads especially down in all of the little grooves.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get tar off a tire.

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    Re: Tar on Tire

    If its on the tread part of the tire than it will wear off with time.
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    Re: Tar on Tire

    You will probably get better traction with it...jk. If it is bugging you that much, get some GC Bug and Tar Remover and soak it like crazy. Should start to break down and wash out.

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    Re: Tar on Tire

    Let the bug and tar remover sit for a while. Should take care of it in no time. Good luck.
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