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Thread: AJ Auto Detail: Ford F-150

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    AJ Auto Detail: Ford F-150

    This is my friend's 2007 Ford F-150 Lariat 4x4. He had some scratches that he wanted to get removed and needed and good wash anyway so he got me to take care of it... He didn't care about the swirls, just deep scratches. I was going to top it off with Souveran Paste, but he was in a hurry, so another time we will do that and have a photoshoot with my BMW and his truck (both black) all clean/waxed!

    Pre-wash foam w/ Meg's GC and CG CWG via foamgun
    Two bucket method w/ Meg's GC and CG CWG via sheepskin mitt
    No clay needed (no signs of bonded surface grit)
    Polished w/ XMT #3 and w/ LC Orange Pad via rotary
    Polished w/ SIP w/ LC Yellow Pad via rotary (some areas, then finished off with #3).



    After (notice my friend just sitting there being lazy )



    Thanks for looking!
    AJ Auto Detail, LLC

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    Re: AJ Auto Detail: Ford F-150

    Polished w/ XMT #3
    Maybe it's just me but what is this stuff.
    Polished w/ SIP
    and what is this.

    The truck looks good though.

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    Re: AJ Auto Detail: Ford F-150

    I agree the truck looks good. Could you please explain those abbreviations.
    quality creates its own demand

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